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Making an Effective Customer Journey Map

Today’s costumers get interactions with brands in ways that are pretty tricky to explain. From getting awareness of the brand through social media platforms to receive thank you emails for your purchase after successful transactions. There are many steps that you can follow, one of them is to use customer journey map template.

This post will help you to explain anything that you have to understand the customer journey, include what it is and how to use it. You can check the explanation below.

What is a customer journey map template?

The best way to visualize how your customers interact with business is by mapping them. Most of the journey map templates start as excel sheets that describe the customer motivations, key events, and so on. This information will be combined into the comprehensive visual that outlines an average experience.

By understanding this information, you can understand how to assemble your touchpoints to create the most effective and efficient process for your customers. This template will map out this current process to see whether your customers reach the goals, and so on.

How to make an effective customer journey map template?

You have to set clear goals for the map

Before you start to make a map, you need to ask yourself why you need to make it in the first place. Based on this template, you may make a buyer persona. Having clear goals are so helpful to remind you to direct each aspect of your customer journey map towards them.

Set up their goals

After it, you need to conduct research. There are some great ways to get great customer feedback throughout questionnaires and other user testing methods. The essential thing is to reach the actual prospects or customers only. You want valuable feedback for those who are interesting to purchase your services or products and those who have interacted with you.

Determine your customer targets

You need to narrow down your focus to one or two of them as well. Keep in mind that this customer journey map template will track the experience of one customer who takes a very specific path with your company. If you group too many characters in one journey map, then your map will never be accurate to reflect your customers’ experience.

Well, if this is your first time to make a customer journey map template, the best thing is to choose your customer persona and understanding to know the route that they usually take.

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