10+ Annual Report Free Template in PSD


Annual Report Template Examples for Your Inspiration

You may think that creating an annual report is going to be a boring task, but say you can say no to boring annual reports now. You will need an attractive design to turn that boring report into a tool to impress the stakeholders. The design-making can be even easier with the help of an annual report template.

What it is

So what is an annual report? It is a comprehensive and in-depth report that presents an overview of the achievements of a business as well as the key metrics from the previous year. An annual report is a story of a business, and the annual report is a tool to help you tell the story.

What should be included in the annual report

Before you download the annual report template and start working on it, you need to know what kind of information you should include inside it.

  1. The mission statement of an organization of a company
  2. Financial, culture, and product growth.
  3. The diversity of business segments
  4. The information about the directors and the executive officers of the company
  5. The impact of the company on specific communities
  6. The success story and the milestones

One tip to make that information less boring is to make it visually engaging. By visualizing the data or showing the team’s personality through the design can grab more attention from the audience.

Some inspiring examples

These are some of the annual report template examples to inspire you in making yours.

  1. Nonprofit annual report

Make sure you put what is important for your brand in the most noticeable place in the report. For example, in a charity organization’s annual report, the mission and the core message as well as how much has been donated are put in the front. Using big fonts and added visuals are a good idea to make the information stand out.

  1. HR annual report

Employee review needs to be fair and consistent. An employee review template can be a great way to design a good HR annual report. A simple table template that is clean in design is good for this type of annual report. Don’t forget to label the spaces for the feedback. To make it easier for the viewer to read the table, to color code the table is a good idea.

  1. Marketing annual report

The year-end report will look better when using charts. Using different styles for the charts with the repeated colors will make it look professional and tidy.

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