10+ Teacher Resume Free Template in PSD


Teacher Resume Template to Chase Your Dream Job

Many people want to be a teacher and one of them could be you. For whatever reason, being a teacher is a great job considering you will have the chance of sharing your knowledge and helping your students to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, not everybody gets the chance to be one not because they are not competent but could be because of a poor teacher resume.

It is a shame if that happens, while many teachers out there are more than capable of failing to get their dream job just because their resume is not good enough to pass. To avoid that case, you need to have a good resume. To make your task easier, you can always find help like getting a teacher resume template.

Tips to write a teacher resume

After you find the teacher resume template that meets your needs, it is now to modify it and fill it in with all information about you. Some tips here are hopefully helpful for you in building your perfect teacher resume.

1. List your professional Experience

It is better to put your professional experiences in bullet points and each of them should be relevant to the job. If you are applying to get a different job as a teacher, you must write down the skills as well as knowledge and ability that you have through the experiences.

2. Include teaching certifications

Certifications especially in the relevant field will increase the chance of you getting hired. These certifications will show that you have enough input relevant to the job you are applying to.

3. Add teaching skills

Teaching methods are always changing for new research and the shifts from the board of education. You need to update and show both of your hard as well as soft skills.

Teacher skills in your Resume

In the skill section of the teacher resume template, make sure you show hard and soft skills in balance. Hard skills are those which are an important part of the job. In teaching, some of the hard skills are the ability in curriculum planning or possessing teaching-related certificates.

Soft skills are those related to one’s personality and his or her ability to work with other people. Some people may have these skills naturally and some others develop them over time. Some soft skills that are needed as a teacher are communication, interpersonal, time management, leadership, and people skills.

Other information such as relevant coursework, your experience in study abroad, awards in the academic field as well as honors is optional to be included in your resume.

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