10+ Funeral Program Customizable PSD Design Template


Attachments That Must Be in the Funeral Program Template

Funeral programs often become an action to convey our last greetings to our loved ones who have left us first. To carry out these activities, of course, we need an invitation to be able to invite certain people so that they can come to deliver them to their final resting place later.

Funeral programs are often considered costly when they are held. Even so, if you are good at managing which things are more priority and not in them, then you can save a few dollars of course than what should have been spent that has become standard.

One of them is in creating a funeral invitation card program for example. Using the services of professional design experts will certainly spend no less money later. Therefore, to save money, it helps you make it yourself.

Well, if you plan to make it yourself, then you need to know some attachments that should be in a good and correct funeral program template. Indeed there are so many templates that can be found on the internet, but you need to be careful to see whether the template is really good and following the provisions for funeral programs or not.

Full name of the deceased

This is one of the most important attachments in the template. Usually, this full name will be under the photo of the deceased, with certain fonts that are different from other fonts and have a font size large enough so that it is easy and read by people.

Date of birth and death

Then try to examine whether in the funeral program template that you selected inserts the date of birth and death for the deceased. The existence of this information can certainly help inform others when the deceased was born and died. This can be a memory and history of the length of life in the world.

Time and place of burial location

Next is information about the time and place of the burial location later. By knowing this information, the guests will also know when the event will take place, and the place where the burial location of the body will be buried. They can also go after the location if later they haven’t had the chance to come to them on time.


Make sure the three attachments must be in the funeral program template that you will use later. Usually, some of this information is often absent and replaced with other information. Also, try to provide this information later with clear writing using clear fonts or placing it in a strategic position on the invitation card.

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