Strategies to Write An Academic Recommendation Letter

What do you know about a letter of academic reference? Actually, this is a document which is usually written by a teacher for students. Students need this letter for applying to universities, work trainings, and other academic programs. The academic recommendation letter will be addressed to the universities or companies as a consideration to accept the students or interns. The letter contains some evidences of the students’ skills and achievements. To know more about the academic reference letter, here is the explanation.


How should a student ask for a reference letter?

There are some sequences that should be followed by a student who wants to receive a reference letter. Initially, the student should create a formal request to a professor. It can be through an email or an appointment. The student has to ask the professor whether he or she is eager to compose an academic reference letter on the student’s behalf. After that, the student should state the aims of the reference and the reasons why he or she chose the professor. Last, the student needs to provide the professor time to take into consideration the request.

What are some strategies to write a letter of academic recommendation?

Before you agree to write an academic recommendation letter, you should think about it carefully. Ensure you accept to write the letter only if you can write a positive reference. After you decide to accept the request, you need to compile information related to the student’s destination school or program. Then, you should focus on the student’s achievements and skills which suit the program. It is important to tell how you know the student and includes some particular examples. Remember to stay positive by recommending the student as a strong candidate for the program.

How should I write a recommendation letter?

If this is your first time being asked to write the recommendation letter, you must be confused with the format. It is actually the same as the other formal letter. There are an introduction and statement of recommendation where you state that you agree to recommend the student. After that, you should write down a list of reasons why you recommend the student for the program. You also need to strengthen your reasons with some personal stories that contain evidence of their skills and achievements. Then, give a closing statement and include your contact information. Do not forget to sign the academic recommendation letter.

Academic Recommendation Letter Template

Composing a letter of academic reference should be accurate and details. Here we give you a template to write the reference as your inspiration.

Dear Prof. Eugene

It is an honor that I am requested to write this letter on behalf of Patrick Star for the enrollment in the winter internship program at the University of Ocean Blue.

During our time, Patrick indicated a great potency in Marine Biota. I was impressed when he grasped my lesson quicker than his peers in our first-day meeting. Then when we had a project together, he could analyze the journals and operate some tools without my direction. He always had the initiative to do something that I had not explained yet.

I met Patrick when he was a student in my Physiology of Marine Biota class at the University of Coboy Texas. In my class, he showed an impressive enthusiast and ambition towards the lesson among his classmates. He improved his skills and other abilities which can be a great model for his friends. He also showed some good attitudes such as diligent, punctual, and polite. It was my pleasure to become his advisor for his final year project, “Biology of Anemons in Littoral Waters”.

For those reasons mentioned above, I believed that Patrick will show another excellent skill in your winter internship program. If you need further information about him, please do not hesitate to call me at 546-342-887, or by email at


Best regards,



Brilliant Sandy

Physiology of Marine Biota Lecturer at University of Coboy Texas


To sum up, that is about the important information that you have to put in an academic recommendation letter. You may use the template of the letter that we have provided above.




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