Knowing Tips to Write A Nanny Termination Letter

A nanny is a person who can be hired to care for your children. You can hire her to help you to do some specific tasks such as clean your children’s toys and rooms, prepare children’s meals, and do children’s laundry. She usually works for the long-term and stays at your home. Shortly, a nanny can be your part of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes you do not find a good nanny. She even can harm your children and family. For this reason, you can terminate her by writing a nanny termination letter. Here are some tips about terminating a nanny.


When should I terminate a nanny?

Sometimes, hiring a nanny is not easy. You have to put trust in a stranger who lives in your home. However, if she shows some suspicious signs, you need to fire her immediately. Observe your children while they play with the nanny. If they look afraid or uncomfortable, you should think that there is a possibility of abuse by the nanny. Other signs can be seen from your lost stuff, her dishonesty, her child safety matters, and her failure in following the house rules.

What are tips to terminate a nanny?

There are some tips to fire a nanny. You need to do a job performance evaluation first. Ask her to speak face to face and warn her of incorrect behaviors. If she still does not change, you need to consider terminating her. Before doing this, start collecting some evidence to strengthen your reasons for terminating her. You need to identify and document the issues. Then, start writing a nanny termination letter.

How should I write a letter of nanny termination?

A nanny termination letter is similar to another employee termination letter. First, you should draw a statement that you are no longer need her service. Mention her termination date. Do not forget to mention the reasons for termination. Include the chronology and your collection of evidence. Remember that you should still give them compensation. Ask her to return your stuff or facility that she uses personally if any.

Nanny Termination Letter Template

Writing a termination letter to a nanny is quite simple, but you need to add some details. Here is an example of the letter which you can see as an inspiration.

Dear Anne,

It is with regret that I write this letter to notify you that starting tomorrow, January 8, 2021, you are no longer serve us as a nanny for John and June. You have worked with us for almost 2 years. Along this time, we trusted that you would be a nice nanny for our children according to your agency’s recommendation. Sadly, it is far from our expectations.

We saw you love our children sincerely. You help them completing their school homework and take them from school. The sad thing is that we cannot close our eyes when we saw you mistreat our children for their refusal to have breakfast this morning. It shows that you put aside our parenting style.

On your first day, we have explained some rules that you signed in a document. The document clearly stated that you are not allowed to do any kind of abusive or harmful activities to our children, John and June. On 2 occasions, you forced John to eat by pressing the spoon into his mouth until he cried. Then, you also shouted at June for refusing to take a nap afterschool, which made her became shocked.

For those reasons above, we have documented your bad behaviors on our CCTVs. Although you are diligent, we cannot tolerate the abusive issues towards the children. As stated in our contract, we will give you 3 weeks’ discontinuation pay. You are going to receive it as soon as you sign the waiver release form that we attached with this letter. I wish you will realize your behaviors and change them.





Mrs. Elizabeth Smurf


Shortly, that is about the detailed information which you can apply before writing a nanny termination letter. Feel free to use our example above.



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