Resignation Letter Due To Relocation and its great example 

If you want to move to other places out of the town, you probably can arrange a resignation letter due to relocation. This letter is important because it is an important letter and it is a formal resignation letter. In other words, this letter will ensure that the correct information regarding your resignation.


What is a resignation letter due to relocation?

The resignation letter due to relocation idea is a notice that you submit to your employer when you have a plan to move into a different place. You will find many situations that can cause you to relocate such as a spouse getting a job, wanting to be closer to family, looking for a lower cost, and so forth.

How to create a resignation letter due to relocation 

When you want to arrange this letter, you have to know some steps to make it easy to read. The resignation letter due to relocation format will be great if you follow the following step to write the letter. Here are some of the steps:

  • You can begin your letter by creating the header with the date that you plan to submit your resignation letter such as providing documentation for human resources
  • You also can decide when your last day will be by selecting the timeline
  • You have to explain your circumstances and tell your employer that you are leaving the position because you are relocating to a new area

Tips to write a resignation letter due to relocation 

Besides, you also will need some tips to make a good resignation letter due to the relocation template. The tips will provide a basic draft and it will make the letter easy to read.

  • You have to apply the professional language and explain your relocation
  • You can improve the readability with spacing and inserting spaces between your header, body, and conclusion of your resignation letter
  • After you finishing your letter, you also need to re-read your letter and you have to focus on the flow and clarity of your language

The example of a resignation letter due to relocation 

To facilitate you in writing the letter, you also need to read the resignation letter due to the relocation example. The example can be used as your reference to know the basic format of this letter.

This is a sample:

Dear Ms. Suzy, 

I am sending this letter to notify you formally of my upcoming resignation from my position at Smart Company. It is happing because of my relocation to Los Angeles which is currently in progress. My last day to come into the office will be April 23, 2017, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. 

I am more than a desire to put forth all efforts to select and train a replacement if that is required. I also will be spending the next two weeks finishing my current project and also give the responsibilities to the proper team member. If you need more discussion, please call me at 555-008-5523.

I will look forward to the future but will miss Smile Company and my coworkers. I have gained much valuable experience that I will take with me into all future career endeavors. Thank you for your consideration in this situation. 

Yours respectfully, 


Tony Adam, 

Designer Department 

Happy Company 

That is all about a resignation letter due to relocation. Your letter will be easy to read when you explain a clear reason why you are leaving the company.


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