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DIY 20 Sided Box Template – Pros and Cons of Using Templates

Making unique handmade stuff can be done by using our 20 sided box template. At some point, arranging and attaching the template requires a thorough understanding.

The result would be quite satisfying if you know where to glue and how to fold. The presence of templates in the design world has been a huge help.

However, some pros and cons are always interesting to discuss. So, what are the pros and cons of using templates in the design world?

Without a template, making a 20 sided dice could force you to invest more time in it. Other than that, templates are great for a massive market.

Pros: Time-efficient

Making a 20-sided box is such a challenge. Thus, using a template will save you time. You can customize a template according to what you need. Since it has a lot to do with DIY stuff, a template gives you a concrete example.

Pros: Cost-effective

Depending on the template you are using, some templates save your money. On the other hand, using a 20 sided box template also saves your money since you don’t need to buy a kit in the first place. If you need more quantity, you can simply print the template more.

Pros: More selections

If you are working as a freelancer, having a catalog is essential. This is also another reason why using templates is crucial. You can allow your customers to pick the one they love from the template collection. Later, you can simply edit the template as needed.

Cons: Undifferentiated

The first thing you will realize about using a template is uniformity. The purpose is for a massive market. Thus, it can be a bit difficult to stay idealize.

But if you are working for the market or you want to have fun with your first project, feel free to use templates as much as you like.

Cons: Different codes

This thing happens all the time when a DIY doer wants to make a website quickly. Some themes may look nice but it can fall flat without proper knowledge of codings like CSS and HTML.


Is it good or bad to use a template? It depends. As long as you know how to take responsibility out of it, you are good to go with templates.

Also, make sure you use the template according to the copyright or license. But using a 20 sided box template will always be a fun thing to try.

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