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21 Day Fix Meal Plan Template: Tips and Steps in Creating Your Meal Plan

Planning meals is not only for those who are wanting to lose weight. A 21-day fix meal can be created and become more of a nutrition plan where you can start to learn about clean eating as well as to control the sizes of your portions. To start the planning, you are going to need  21 day fix meal plan template so you can eliminate the struggle in making a meal plan especially if you are new to this.

Steps to make 21 fix meal plan

The steps are here to help you to easily create your meal plan and know how to start and what to do next.

  1. Get the template.

Find a 21 day fix meal plan template as the start, you can download and make your plan to finally save it in your device. By making it available in a soft file, it will be easy for you to access it anytime and anywhere. However making it tangible is also important, to put in your kitchen or fridge so you are able to take a quick look at it or make changes.

  1. Find clean eating recipes.

To create a plan you will need to refer to clean eating recipes. Find ones that suit your taste and preference and use the recipes as the reference for the meal plan.

  1. Start from an easy meal.

Breakfasts and snacks are easier as people usually have the same food or alternate between a few choices for them.

  1. Dinner Plan

Dinner time is where you can try new recipes and get some creative ideas. You may have some leftovers from dinner that you can use to make lunch.

  1. Lunch plan

As mentioned before how lunch is the perfect time for if you have leftovers from the previous dinner. Leftovers can be planned or can be there without a plan, make use of these as a complement to the salad you make for lunch.

Tips on planning meal 

Once you get the 21 day fix meal plan template write down your plan, you are ready to go. There are some tips worth knowing in the process of you creating your meal plan. Try to spread the nutrients through the day and have the carbs earlier. To keep the stability of your blood sugar, try not to have carbs or fruit alone. You can add protein and fat rather than having them alone.

One important thing to have in mind when preparing your 21-day meal plan is that you do not make a plan only for 21 days. The plan is made as a way of changing lifestyles and habits.

21 day fix meal plan Ideas

21 day fix meal plan Example

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