Things to Read Before Writing A Human Resources Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Human Resources Administrative Assistant works to assist Human Resources (HR) Directors to do several duties. Generally, the HR Administrative Assistant performs administrative tasks, including compiling and organizing data related to the company workers. However, sometimes the HR Administrative Assistant will also participate in the recruitment process. If you are interested in this position, you should prepare a Human Resource Administrative Assistant cover letter. But before writing the letter, it would be better if you read the following explanation first. Check this out.


What does a human resources administrative assistant do?

It is a must to find out what the HR Administrative Assistant does before starting your job. This will help you to give a depiction of the job descriptions. Here are some duties that you need to do as an HR Administrative Assistant.

  • Keep the employee files
  • Support payroll preparation
  • Provide documents for HR prudence and procedure
  • Write reports for HR
  • Conduct presentations for internal meetings
  • Prepare the HR events and meetings
  • Cooperate with recruiters team to publish job advertisements

What qualifications are needed to be a human resources administrative assistant?

After knowing the responsibilities, there are also several abilities that you should have if you want to be an HR administrative assistant. What are they? Let’s see the lists below.

Excellent communication: As an HR Administrative Assistant, it is essential for you to have excellent communication skills both written and oral. It is because you work with many people and should cooperate properly.

Presentation: There will be plenty of meetings in the internal of HR. Thus, you should learn to present your ideas and deliver them efficiently during presentations.

Administrative writing: An HR Administrative Assistant works to manage administrative tasks. You will often write reports for HR. Therefore, you should have the administrative writing skills to support your duties.

What should I do to become a human resources administrative assistant?

To be an HR Administrative Assistant, you do not only prepare your skills but also you have to pass some specifications including:

  • Complete your college’s degree, specifically in administration majors
  • Get more work or internship experience
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Writean attractive cover letter and CV

Human Resources Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Perhaps you feel disoriented about writing a cover letter for this position. However, you can read the following example we have provided for you.

Dear Mrs. Rowan,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Human Resources Administrative Assistant position at your company, Brown Sugar Group Corps, as published in the New Orleans Post.

I have finished my degree in Administration at the University of Colorado. As soon as I graduated, I was employed as an administrative assistant in Ophelia Beauty, Inc for two years. My work experience in Ophelia Beauty has given me several skills that will be required in the administration.

My presentation skills are pretty excellent as well as my communication skills. I did a lot of presentations and also prepared many documents needed by the HR team. I enjoy working in a team, but I also try my best to work on my own. I have good time management skills that will benefit the internal of HR.

Keeping the employee records was one of my duties as an administrative assistant in Ophelia Beauty. For this reason, I will be familiar to manage documents and keep them updated regularly. Considering my educational background, skills, and work experience, I put a great expectation to be employed in your company in the near future.

Please do not hesitate to reach me any time for further discussion at (999)-555-3333 or email at I await for your call.

Warm regards,



Renesmee Swan


That is ourshort summary about writing ahuman resources administrative assistant cover letter. We hope that you will take it as inspiration.



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