Things to Know in Writing A Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Cover Letter

A pharmaceutical sales rep is responsible to tell healthcare professionals about the medicines produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you have a vital position to connect drug companies and pharmacies. To do this job, you need to apply your knowledge and interpersonal skills. Thus if you are interested in this position, you can start writing a pharmaceutical sales rep cover letter addressed to a pharmaceutical company. For further explanation, you can read the following brief.


What does a pharmaceutical sales rep do?

It is important to understand what the pharmaceutical sales rep does before beginning your job. You need to find out the job descriptions so you will have an idea about the duties. Here are several responsibilities that you should do if you are a pharmaceutical sales rep.

· Arrange meetings with doctors and pharmacists within regions

· Discover new customers

· Make some new connections in conferences

· Present education meeting for the pharmacies

· Keep track of product use

· Conduct research about hostile events

· Find out about pharmaceuticals reactions

What skills should I have to be a pharmaceutical sales rep?

To support finishing the duties, there are also certain skills that you should have when you are a pharmaceutical sales rep. Let’s check this out.

· Strong interpersonal: As a sales rep, you should have the character of easy-going that will ease your work with many people. You also need to be able to communicate effectively by using tone of voice, volume, and proper diction.

· Negotiation: Being a sales rep demands you to be good at persuading your prospective customers. Thus, you need to be excellent in negotiating and make them believe that you offer good and safe products.

· Presentation: Your prospective clients need you to educate them about the products. It is a must for you to be able to speak in front of huge numbers of people at some conferences. Make sure you introduce and explain your products clearly and convincingly

What should I do to become a pharmaceutical sales rep?

After knowing the responsibilities and skills that should be possessed by a pharmaceutical sales rep, you also need to understand some things to have before submitting your pharmaceutical sales rep cover letter. What are they? Here are the lists.

· Complete your bachelor’s degree

· Earn a certification

· Broaden your network

· Improve your communication skills

· Build an appealing resume and cover letter

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Cover Letter Template

If you still have no idea how to begin the letter, we have a sample for you. You may take the following sample as inspiration in the future.

Dear Mr. Helshey,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep position at Longer Life Company as advertised in New Florida Post, last September 27, 2020.

I have completed my degree in Marketing Management at the University of Florida. After I graduated, I worked as a sales representation for Stray Kids, Inc for three years. My experience led me to discover some new skills to improve awareness in selling the company’s products.

From my work experience, I have understood that I need to promote some pharmaceuticals at Longer Life Company effectively by using my presentation skill. As a sales representation, it is a must for me to explain the products, aftereffects, and other information needed by the customers. Thus, the customers will be educated and familiar with the medication products.

I believe my educational background, skills, and experience are needed to fill the Pharmaceutical Sales Representation position and build a good connection with the customers. I put a big hope that I will get employed by Longer Life Company in the near future.

I would be glad if you want to reach me for further discussion at (444)-888-6666 or email me at I wait for your response.

Best regards,


Alexander Jungwirth

That is all an explanation about writing a pharmaceutical sales rep cover letter. It is so simple, isn’t it?



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