4+ Offer Letter Template


Things to Know about the Job Offer Template Sample

If you are in charge to make a job offer letter, you may need to take a look at a job offer letter template sample on the internet. There are several aspects that need to be present in the letter. In this article, we will show you how to make and use it properly.

What is a Job Offer Letter?

You may have checked the job offer letter template sample but you still do not understand the main purpose. In general, this letter is supposed to inform the candidates selected for certain positions in the company.

If you are in charge to make this letter, you may need to know the things that should be included and should not be included at all. Some companies will send the written letter on the paper but some of them may also send it through email.

On the other hand, the candidate can either accept or decline the job offer. Whether or not the candidate accepts the offer, a letter should be sent back to let the company knows.

What is included?

When it comes to the job offer letter, several things must be written to make sure that the recipient understands the purpose of the letter. The job description and job title would be on top of the letter.

The next things are such as the structure should be like making a report and it includes the date of employment, salary, benefits and eligibility, and acknowledgment. The letter is commonly sent after an interview or other steps of pre-employment tests.

Using templates

You can always make the letter from scratch but there are downloadable templates on the internet. Most templates on the internet are free and customizable. All you need to do is choosing the right format or the one that suits your intention and your company in the first place.

More than anything, you can custom the letter according to what you like. If you still want to write from scratch, you can use the free template as a guide. More than anything, a template would be such a huge help.


As we have mentioned earlier, the letter should be sent back whether you accept or decline the job offer. There are rules to follow and you can also check the template of both letter types. Make sure you do things politely after all.

And this is anything you need to know about a job offer letter template sample.

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