6+ Christmas Flyer Templates


Free Christmas Flyer Templates Sample to Download

In case you need to promote the Christmas collections, you can use the free Christmas flyer templates sample. The holiday season will be the peak season throughout the year. You should take advantage of it to boost your business and sales.

Why Use Christmas Flyers

When the holiday is coming, people want to give gifts to others. As a retailer, you will need something that promotes your sell in this peak season. Of course, it is used to compete with competitors. Instead of making from scratch, you can use a free Christmas flyer templates sample in the first place.

December discounts are one of the most awaited seasonal specials. You do not want to miss this opportunity for sure.

The benefits

Using Christmas flyers would help you in so many aspects, especially if you are a retailer. As we have explained below, it helps to compete with other competitors and bring the clients straight to your outlet.

Using flyers will help to promote your goods and services. Take advantage of flyers to show the potential customers discounts and special offers. Everybody shops before Christmas for sure.

On the other hand, you can use the flyer to promote holiday events. For example, you will throw a holiday party and you want the employees to know. This is just one of the many ways you can pursue to spread happiness to others.

How to promote

Once you have the design, you can promote the flyers to others. If you use the templates, you do not need to make it from scratch. On the other hand, you need someone who understands graphic designs to make it.

If you use the template, you can simply change the image and insert the wordings. Things could be simpler today. After you print it, you can start to promote the flyers.

You may need someone to dress up in a festive-theme costume. Later, this person should hand out the flyers to everyone. On the other hand, you can simply send special emails to your customers. Or you can simply give the customers the flyers once they checked out.


More than anything, the presence of flyers will let people know about what you are up to. If you are a retailer then this would work great. Whether it is for an upcoming party or a special offer flyer, it is much better if you use free Christmas flyer templates sample.

Christmas Flyer Ideas

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