8+ Simple Resignation Letter the Elegant Option

You probably have never thought that a simple resignation letter can play an important part in your reputation and social name. When people are submitting the resignation letter, it is often accompanied by drama and negative feelings – often leading to the person resigning gaining negative reputation and bad name. So, what should you do when you want to resign in the most elegant manner without leaving any bad feeling or whatsoever?

Resignation Letter Facts

When you want to leave your job, it is crucial that you do it in the most positive manner. Although you may have some negative beef with the management, some of your colleagues, or even your supervisor, it is crucial that you keep the letter straightforward, short, and simple without having to pour out your negative energy and thoughts. Keep in mind that you only need to have these 3 S when you are writing your resignation letter: short, simple, and straightforward.

The important facts to remember about elegant resignation letter:

  • On the contrary to what people believe, it is crucial to have simple resignation letter. A resignation letter doesn’t have to complicated or fussy.
  • Writing a simple letter doesn’t have to include the reasons for you to leave the job. A simple thank you and the information of your last day would be enough. The thank you note isn’t mandatory but it is needed when you want to show how courteous you are for the experience.
  • Being polite and courteous is needed although some people may choose to show how jerk they are
  • The elegant letter can leave you with good reputation and positive name. When you leave, it doesn’t leave any hurtful feeling or whatsoever. It gives you a chance to get back to the work, when needed. The positive letter can also help you with better networking and connection. Let’s say that you are leaving the job but you do it in a very positive manner. It is possible that your ex-employer will help you with better connection and working expansion possibility.

The Importance of a Resignation Letter

The resignation is created for a reason, and it is done for professional reasons and purposes.

  • First of all, the letter provides information to the HRD and other departments that you are leaving. It helps them make transition process go smoother and simpler. Imagine when you suddenly stop – the chaos they have to deal with your employment record, the accounting management, and such thing alike.
  • It helps the related department to manage their workflow better so they don’t have to make an abrupt change and transformation.
  • It provides an information about the effective time management for the work. Instead of having to deal with the confusion of talking to your employer, the letter can cut all of the hassle and complication.

In the general guidance and line, the resignation letter can provide an effective way to inform the employer about your leaving. It only required info is to state the last working day or date, and the statement that you will leave. A simple resignation letter doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

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