Sample Recommendation Letter Template Tips

The sample recommendation letter template can provide a great insight and help when you have to write it. Not many people are familiar with the right structure of the letter, so knowing the right construction and structure (in order to make yourself look professional and skilled) can be pretty handy. Of course, you also need to know some of the accompanying facts before moving forward by writing the letter.

How to Compose the Letter

Any formal document or letter has its own construction and structure, so it is best to know the right structure of the recommendation letter. If you take a look at the sample recommendation letter template, you know what to expect.

  • Date (of the letter being composed)
  • Information (and also contact info) of the person writing the letter. It should be placed at the beginning of the letter – located on the left side area of the letter
  • Information of the intended person. It should be located underneath the information of the person writing the letter
  • The body, covering the first and second (and probably the third) paragraph. The first one should contain the explanation of how you know the recommended individual. Including the job title (yours and the individual) at the time is acceptable, including the nature of your interaction, relationship, and the fact that you may (or may not) supervised the person. Stating how long you have known them will also help.
  • The second paragraph should lay out the qualities, expertise, knowledge, and skills of the recommended person. If they have other quality assets, you can state it too. In this part, it will show your observation and monitoring – as well as assessing quality – over the individual. When written by someone who really knows the recommended person, it will make the letter solid, valid, and credible. Including some achievements while describing the person’s strength is also allowed in this section
  • Closing. In this section, you can cite of how valuable the person for the company or whether you would hire them again if you could.


The Important Factors

It is crucial to know some of the important facts before writing this type of letter. By looking at the sample recommendation letter template, you know how to hone your skills in composing such a formal document.

  • The recommendation letter can’t just be written by someone, even when the person has an authority position. The person writing the letter has to be someone who really understand the qualification and ability of the person being recommended. Anyone can write any positive remark about someone, but only the one who knows the details of the work can make the letter somewhat real and credible.
  • Some people have different opinions about the body. Some people consider the first (opening) paragraph and the second one as the body, but some people would differentiate them. The first paragraph stands alone while the body is the second and third paragraph. It is just a matter of term because it doesn’t affect the structure or construction, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Be sure to really understand and grasp the idea of writing the correct letter. By consulting the sample recommendation letter template, you can make the result look more professional and credible.

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