Retirement Letter to Coworkers for Making Good Impression

Leaving a company or organization sometimes becomes a difficult matter, especially when an individual has many coworkers that are very meant to him or her. When you face this condition, maybe the retirement letter to coworkers can be a solution to be applied.

This letter can be a proper way to say goodbye. Of course, you can write separate letters to every coworker. However, when you want to make a simpler idea, making a letter and then send to the group could be the option.


What is Retirement Letter to Coworkers?

Substantively, a retirement letter includes in a formal document and it is commonly sent to the employer or supervisor. However, besides the formal letter, there is an informal letter that is sent to the coworkers.

It could be said that the retirement letter to coworkers is similar to a personal letter. This document tells about the traces during the working time, the feeling to be a team for some times, and others. In common, it is also sent together with any gift or others.

Contents to Include in Retirement Letter to Coworkers

The retirement letter to coworkers comes with several parts that are quite important to be considered. The basic contents of this letter to be written on the page of the letter are:

  • The upcoming retirement dare
  • Things that will be tried to reach after the retirement
  • Proud of the organization or company with its achievement
  • Thankful for all of the opportunities
  • Thank you to the coworkers
  • Contact details
  • Name and signature

Tips to Make a Good Retirement Letter to Coworkers

To make a good retirement letter, these are also some tips to be considered. This letter can be shaped as a personal letter. However, professionalism should be kept. It means you –as the writer, need to write the detailed letter professionally.

On another hand, the information inside the letter should be clear and concise. Do not make too long a retirement letter to coworkers. When it is possible, make only a page of a letter.

Sample of Retirement Letter to Coworkers

There is a sample of the retirement letter to coworkers that can be an inspiration for you. Through the sample, you may know how to make it.

To all of my coworkers

After many times thinking about the condition, finally I decided to retire from The Red Company effective September 21, 2019. It is not an easy decision, but I feel that it is the right time to move on and get to the next stage of my life.

With a lovely heart, I wish all of you a great farewell. I have made many friends in this company and it becomes another color of my life. However, life must go on and I decide to be a consultant of the golf management after my retirement.

The last years in this company have been a great moment for me. I have nothing but a big thanks for your support and friendship. Hopefully, we could keep in touch after my retirement.

Yours sincerely,


The retirement letter to coworkers should be sent several days before the final working day. You may find a template of it to ease you in making the letter.



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