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3×5 Card Template: How to Make It

A 3×5 card is much necessary. It is a medium to make you stay connected. You may get teased without using a card template. Furthermore, social media tools are a way to stay connected. The card seems to look old. You can make a 3×5 card template for making your identity card. You don’t need to pay the cost of renting a designer or ordering the cards. You can make it by yourself.

The Importance of 3×5 Card Template 

The 3×5 card template is working to represent your business and identity. It is better than your type of information contacts on your phone. It is needed to change among business partners. You don’t need a designer or printing store to make this professional card. Otherwise, you can do it. You just follow the tutorials in which you can adapt it to make easy and professional cards for business purposes. Due to the importance of the card template, it is recommended to make it sooner.

The Ways on Making a 3×5 Card Template 

By making a 3×5 card template professionally using Microsoft Word, you can make a plan on the first interface to ensure your design on the target and your brand. You need to have the needed assets for working before holding card templates. These are some ways of making a 3×5 card template that you should make.

Choosing Font and Color 

The layout design of your card template is very important. The card needs to look professional. You should select the right font and color for your card template to represent brand identity. Generally, you can choose the appropriate color and font for your field. Pink neon and orange seem to be interesting to attract one’s attention but some industries and people assume that those are not professional. Making the font look stylish is sometimes impolite for conservative business.

Information Details 

Small card templates have no space to insert limited information details. However, if you want to put the contact, you can do it. You may not get teased to information details on your card as much as you can. You shouldn’t do it because it doesn’t look professional. Otherwise, you just focus on the information details.

Making Card Template in Your Microsoft Word

It has two methods of using Microsoft Word for making a business card. You use a Word template and table on Microsoft Word. You just select the best one that you master on making a 3×5 card template.

3 x 5 card Ideas

3 x 5 card Example

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