Grade appeal letter and its example 

When a student gets a low grade, he or she will believe that it is not fair, they can arrange a Grade appeal letter for the professor or the dean of the college. This letter will help them to appeal their grade properly. This letter also will give a chance to change the grade without any difficulties.


What is the importance of a Grade appeal letter?

There are some reasons why the students need to arrange this Grade appeal letter idea. The students usually believe that they deserve a better grade. The students probably feel that they have put many hours of diligent work into a project and received an unfair low grade so that this letter will be their choice.

How to arrange a Grade appeal letter?

When you are arranging this letter, it should be addressed to the dean of the college. Therefore, your Grade appeal letter template has to be arranged properly. In this idea, you can follow the steps below to make it easy to read.

  • To begin your letter, you can write the date, student ID number, name of the course in the question, and also the name of the professor
  • You also need to write the grade that is being disputed properly
  • Write this letter as brief as possible to present all the relevant facts

Tips to make a Grade appeal letter

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to write a Grade appeal letter template. The following tips will help you to make it better so that you have to pay attention to these tips:

  • You can leave the emotions out of the question and make the letter polite and respectful
  • You also can determine if the school has an official format for appealing grade
  • Arrange your letter with good grammatical sentences

The example of a Grade appeal letter

To help you write this letter, you can use the following Grade appeal letter example to make it better. This letter also can be used as your reference to make the letter easy to read.

This is an example:

Dear Prof. Michael Powell,

My name is John Stones and I am a 3rd-year law student here at Competency University School of Law. 

I am writing this letter to appeal the grade. I received it in my Contracts II course for the fall semester. I believe that it has been the situation that was beyond my control to may low grade and had the environment getting more typical of a normal contracts II course. 

I received an A on every class tests as well as an A on my project about endangered criminal in this country. Moreover, I was not able to take the final exam and I received an F and my final grade was a C. The reason I could not take the exam is that I was in the hospital with a concussion after a motorcycle accident. 

I believe that if I had been able to sit for the exam, I can make an A or B+ grade based on my other coursework. I will be happy to take the exam at any time if you want to give it to me privately. I want to meet you very much at any time that is convenient for you to discuss the possibility of my grade being raised. I can be reached at 999-000-7777. Thank you for considering my request. 

Best regards, 


John Stones 

This Grade appeal letter will be useful if you really understand the goal of the letter. You have to make it simple to make the recipient understand your intention.




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