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120mm Fan Template for PC or Radiator Cooling

If your PC has to work very hard for supporting your daily activity, you must be familiar with the overheating problem. This problem can also be found in the radiator. You need to help the radiator or PC unit to cool down better. Using the 120mm fan template can be a beneficial idea.

Hot PC

You do not want to let your PC or radiator overheat for a long period. You need an extra fan hole but you do not have any idea how to make it correctly. It can be difficult to make the precise fan holes on your radiator or PC especially when you consider the size. Fortunately, you can find a 120mm fan template easily on the internet.

120mm Fan Template Using Tips

Yes, using the template of 120mm can make your job much easier to cool down your PC or radiator. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can be careless when using the template. You need to follow the steps below to make the most use of the template.

  1. Printing Caution

You need to pay attention when printing the template for making sure that you can get the right size of fan holes. It can be as simple as the page size but it will affect the final result of the template printing.

  1. Right Size Choice

Do not forget that you need to ensure the size of the fan holes. Various options of fan holes size can be found from the available template. If you are looking for a template with a 120mm size, just make sure that you do not choose a template with different sizes. More importantly, you need to measure your PC or radiator to get the right fan holes size.

  1. Right Tools

You might want to make some fan holes in your PC chassis, for instance. You need to use the right tools to make the fan hole according to the template you get. For making fan holes in the PC chassis or panel, you might need the hole saw attachment to do the job precisely.

  1. Safety

Since you will use tools for making the fan holes, you must not forget about your safety. When using the hole saw attachment, you have to use protection. It is a must when you are using the power tools after all.

Fan holes can help you cool down your PC or radiators and a 120mm fan template can help you make the fan holes much easier.

120mm fan Ideas

120mm fan Example

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