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Free Customizable Java Developer Resume Template

Being a Java Developer means that you are smart as you develop complexities. However, if you write a resume which shows off your talents, you are lost. We know that writing a Java Developer resume is not easy. So, you will need to pay attention to the following discussion.

Sample of Java Developer Resume

Below is a Java Developer resume sample for your reference:

Marina Hibby



Mian Street, Texas, TX 55292


Highly experienced professional with 9 years’ experience of remarkable background in overseeing all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, including extensive analysis & design. proficient in utilizing different programs & tools to provide cost-effective & high-quality systems/apps to boost organizational efficiency & productivity. Have unmatched cooling & testing skills to deliver client or business-specific programs.

Work Experience

Java Developer

JJ Techs Company, 2017 – present

  • Oversee all development phases of the new Java-based vendor app system for the financial services industry
  • Collaborate with management, associated 3rd parties, and vendors closely to guarantee the full functionality & performance of the web financial transactions & database management apps
  • Supervise & lead a team of 15 junior Java Developers to ascertain the completion of the 15 key projects of the company within schedule & budget
  • Enforce an innovative approach to improve the web reporting system of the client, that reduced the financial tracking analysis time effectively by 55%
  • Utilize Java, Apache Strut Web apps, Java EE, and Enterprise Java Bean to develop fully automated client management systems for the effective maintenance of client accounts

Back-end Java Developer, 2012 – 2017

  • Took part in the scheduled development meeting for recommending relevant system modifications & project improvements
  • Innovated the phone devices by deploying a system which integrated music playback, text messaging, and navigation through a user-friendly interface controlled by voice commands

Technical Skills

API’s: JES, Sun Java Enterprise System, Java Naming & Directory Interface, EB, and Serviettes

Frameworks: Network Data Mover, Toad, ClearCase, WSAD, Eclipse, Java Mail, Apache Struts, J2EE, and JSF

Databases: Database SQL Command, MySQL, Oracle, IMB DB2

Languages: JCL, RPG II, REXX, Cist, E-Cobol, CICS, XML, HTML, Java Beans, SQL, JavaScript, Java, etc.


Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Software Systems Engineering

South Florida University


English, German, Spanish

How to Write a Java Developer Resume

When it comes to a Java Developer resume format, you need to know that it contains a few important sections. Here is how to write it in step by step:

  1. Open with your contact information!
  2. Write your resume summary!
  3. Highlight your work experience!
  4. List your technical skills!
  5. Include your education!
  6. Add your languages!

How to Format a Java Developer Resume Template

You have to choose the correct format that lets you encapsulate the complex nature of JavaScript. The reverse-chronological format is the most common choice. So, we recommend you to use this format. Other format options include functional & combination resumes.

What Skills Are Needed for a Java Developer?

A Java Developer should have the following basic skills. They include OOP concepts & patterns, markup languages, web techs, service-oriented architecture or web services, web frameworks, and JavaServer pages & serves. Other skills will add your qualifications.

Is Java Developer a Difficult Job?

We know that there are many developers who have working experience with popular coding language. So, a Java Developer is considered as one of the most difficult jobs to fill. However, if you meet the required qualifications, you will have a high opportunity to get this job.

Java Developer Resume with No Work Experience

Because Java Developer is a difficult job, experience is very important. However, if you have no experience & want to apply for a Java Developer position, this resume is what you need. With no work experience, you should emphasize your skills, education, and awards if any.

Java Developer Resume Template Word

This Java Developer resume template Word allows you to edit it. You can easily edit this resume on Ms. Word. Make sure that each section is adjusted to your qualifications. Besides that, you also have to match your resume with the requirements on the job post.

Java Developer Resume for College

You can start your career as a Java Developer even before you graduate from your college. This resume is appropriate for a college student who is studying in a relevant major of study. On your resume, it is also a good idea to state your expected graduation.

Resume for Java Developer First Job

This resume is designed for anyone including you who are looking for your first job as a Java Developer. If you have internship or unpaid experience, just feel free to include it on your resume to make your potential employer impressed and convinced.

Java Developer Resume Sample

This Java Developer resume example will inspire and guide you in writing a good resume. This resume sample uses a professional format accepted by most recruiters. If you want to write your own resume, make sure that you follow the format of this resume sample.

Java Developer Resume Example

If you have never written a resume before, it will be better to find an example first. This example is for you who want to write a resume for a Java Developer position. By following this example, you will be able to write a good resume for applying for a Java Developer job at your desired company.

Free Java Developer Resume Template

Are you looking for a free resume template for a Java Developer job? If you are, you can find it here. This resume template is totally free to use. Besides free, this template is also editable and readable. With this template, you can write a resume effortlessly.

It is always challenging to write a Java Developer resume. You can use this template for writing your own resume. This resume can also be applied for any other job because it is customizable. You must need to match your resume to the job post.


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