20+ Recipe Template and Proper Way to Write One

If you are into cooking and baking, having the recipe template can be super useful. Not many people know that writing a functional and efficient recipe requires a certain skill on its own. If you are an amateur cook, you need to have this kind of knowledge and skill so you can benefit from such a (seemingly) simple action.


Things about Writing a Recipe

When you take a look at most recipe template, there are two major parts of it: the lists of ingredients and steps of preparation or steps of cooking. Each part has its own guidance in the writing. Knowing what the guide is can be super useful. Keep in mind that the guidance isn’t something rigid written on stone. Of course, there is a sense of flexibility where you are free to manage everything but it doesn’t hurt to know some of the basic guidance.

Writing the Ingredient List

What are the tips in writing the efficient list of ingredients?

  • Compose the lists based on the usage order, which will be described later in the cooking instruction.
  • You should also compose the list based on the importance or the first use function. If it is consistent with usage order, it would be even better. For instance, you have to mix the flour with the egg first and then add the milk. So, when you compose the list, you should put the flour first, the egg second, and the milk third.
  • It is better to spell out the whole thing instead of using abbreviation.
  • In the event that the recipe comes up with different elements, such as a crust and a filling (usually for a pie), then you need to break up the list with its own heading like ‘filling’ and ‘crust’. Don’t forget to prioritize the first one to make. For instance, if you have to make the filling first, then the heading ‘filling’ should be written first before the heading ‘crust’
  • If the ingredients need to be prepared in a simple manner, simply write ‘1 garlic, minced’ or ‘1 egg, beaten’

How to Write the Method of Preparation

How to write the stages in the recipe template?

  • You should specify the size of the cookware or bowl, such as ‘in a big bowl’ or ‘pour everything to the rectangular pan’
  • Try to use concise and short sentences. Writing complete and long sentences can be confusing and a hassle.
  • Don’t forget to mention the heat level, such as ‘low heat’ or ‘medium heat’
  • State the cooking times. For instance, ‘bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until it becomes golden brown.’
  • If you have different elements, separate the stages with different headings. For instance, if you have the ‘filling’ and the ‘crust’ section, don’t forget to divide them into ‘how to make the filling’ and then ‘how to make the crust’
  • If it is possible, the last instruction is about the storage. You can write such as ‘Cookies will last for a week in an airtight jar’

If you can combine the solid recipe template with the logical contents, you should be good to go

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