20+ Resignation Letter Template Format and Tips in Writing One

The resignation letter format can make your resignation written document look professional and courteous. At least, that’s what you expect when you compose one, don’t you? When you apply for you a job, you are polite and you behave. You should do the same when you are leaving the job. All employers would respect it when their employees can maintain the same courtesy and politeness when they no longer work in the company.

The Function of a Resignation Letter

Before we are discussing further about the resignation letter format, we should discuss further about the letter itself. As the name suggests, the resignation letter is the written and formal notice that you gives to your employer when you decide to quit the job. It’s a kind of announcement that you are no longer working in the company on the specific date. In general, the letter is given prior before the actual date where you stop working. Let’s say that your last working date would be the 31st of October (which means that you won’t be coming to work on the 1st of November). You should give the letter around the 15th of October – so it should be ahead of the actual quit day. Why should you do it? Because it is related to the ‘giving notice’ unwritten rules.

Imagine this: You are coming to work today and give the resignation letter to your boss today, saying that you quit TODAY. Don’t you think it would create such a chaos? It’s so sudden and you simply add burdens to the other departments. Your boss will be overwhelmed and confused to find your replacement. And then there is the administration with the finance department, human resource department, and others. The work flow can be disturbed and affected in such a negative way.

But when you give the resignation letter with a heads up as if saying, “I’m leaving in 2 weeks. This is my notice and I hope I won’t give you any problem,” your gesture will be appreciated. You won’t have any negative reputation – well, as long as you behave during the process.

How to Compose the Letter

If you check the resignation letter format, most of the resignation letter is pretty short and concise. No need to use long words. Just keep it straight and direct. On the first paragraph, you can state your intention to quit from your previous position. You can also mention the last day for you to work there.

On the second paragraph, you can state the reasons why you are quitting. Whether you want to enjoy the maternity period or you want to start your new business or you get a new job offer, make sure that you stay away from writing bad things about the company. Afterward, you can write your gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity given by the company and how much you appreciate it. You can also state your willingness to help in the transition, whether to train and guide your replacement or to complete the unfinished business (projects, plans, etc). Those are the basic things to find in the standard resignation letter format.

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