3+ Writing Your Scholarship Thank You Letter Template

Scholarship donors or sponsors are very necessary who help students to attend college and help them to follow their dreams as well. When you have a sponsor that gives you financial aid or other aids that help you to navigate the rough track and what you want to achieve your career, then a thank you should be appropriate to express your gratitude for their great support. Although you can send it with your thought to them through email, however, scholarship thank you letter can be a long way and it would be valuable for years to come as well. Even sometimes it is pretty challenging to find out the right words to be written when you want to say you deepest thanks to your sponsor.

The format of scholarship thank you letter:

  • The sender’s address, you can write your address on the left and top side of your paper. Your address should be clear, such as zip code, street, and city
  • Date, you are able to skip the line after the sender’s address and then included your date that the letter was written. The date could be included in the top and left the corner in your page following your address.
  • The recipient address, skip the label after the date and write the recipient address in the left side of your page
  • The salutation, if you do not sure with the gender of the recipient, then you can use their full name as well.
  • The body of your letter, you have to state briefly about why you write this letter and tell your sponsor a brief information about your life goals and yourself as well. Let them now that their financial investment impact your private life and academic as well. You are able to mention your future plan after you graduate as well.
  • The end of your letter, your closing statement should be summarized and state your attention why you write this letter
  • The closure of your letter, the sign will be depending on how the recipient was well known with you
  • Do not forget to add your name at the bottom of the letter

Check these tips below to make your best scholarship thank you letter:

  • Ensure that you identify your college
  • Do not forget to mention your educational background and the obstacles that you have to overcome to pass the college
  • Mentioned any activity that you were involved, especially in the service project as well
  • Discuss your educational progress and career
  • Ensure that you express your appreciation for its scholarship and the impact on you and your family as well
  • Mention your scholarship program by its name

If you find difficulties to arrange the scholarship thank you letter, then you can read the sample or templates as your reference. Of course, you have to know who you give this thank you letter. If you receive a scholarship through university or college, you can contact your financial aid adviser.

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