Start Your Career in Funeral Home by Writing Engaging Funeral Assistant Cover Letter

Losing the loved one barely giving deep condolence to those who experience it. You certainly do not want to be more stressed with the matters or managing anything related to the funeral. Therefore, a funeral home is in place to assist you with all of those matters. However, it is always a good deed to help the mourning family with anything related to the funeral. If you feel passionate enough to give a hand in the funeral home, you certainly need an engaging funeral assistant cover letter to apply for the job.


What Are Things to Do as Funeral Assistant

The several things are what tasks and duties for a funeral assistant. You should consider o these matters as these things will be your routine if you decided to take this job.

Funeral Assistant Duties

  • Collect the deceased person’s body from the morgue, place of death, or hospital.
  • Assist in preparing the deceased person’s body and position it in the coffin.
  • Escorts the mourners to the chapels.
  • Getting the burial equipment ready.
  • Arrange floral tributes
  • Distribute and collect tribute and attendance cards.
  • Provide aid as coffin or casket bearers.

Funeral Assistant Tasks

  • Ensure the death certificate is issued and the burial and cremation documents are processed
  • Prepare the deceased person’s body for viewing and burial
  • Keeping records and accounts of services and transactions which is already done.
  • Arrange the placement of the coffin in the funeral sites, positioning and adjusting lighting and floral displays.
  • Communicate with the families of the deceased person to help with funeral arrangements, including, type of service and publication, and coffin type.

Once you are aware of the duties and tasks of a funeral assistant, you have to write the funeral assistant cover letter to apply for the position of an assistant funeral. Below an example of the letter to provide you more insight about how to write it properly.

Writing Funeral Assistant Cover Letter

First thing first, you have to make sure several main parts are included in your application letter. It includes the opening part, the body, closing, and salutation. In the opening part, you have to include a brief interest in the job and the underlying reasons you want to apply. In the body of the funeral assistant cover letter, you should elaborate on anything about your skills and experience, while you have to close them with contact details and salutation. Study the following sample.

Dear Mr. Godrich Goldstone

I am writing to express my interest in the position of a funeral assistant with the GGG funeral home. I believe that I have the things to make this career a good path in this industry. I believe I have what it takes to take care of the details of the mourning families.

I assure you that I have great communication skills along with the ability to follow the directions accurately to help the process is easier and as convenient as it can be. I also have good social skills that I can interact with the mourning family professionally and compassionately.

I also have the ability to provide aid with all duties and tasks of the funeral assistant. I can arrange the flowers, ensuring adequate seats, greet guests, and arrange the caskets for viewing.

I have the attitude and abilities to assists the mourning atmosphere goes a little smoother for the family by ensuring that anything is aligned with the plan. You may contact me at (999) 99999.



Liam Trout


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