6+ Magazine Cover Template Sample


Magazine Cover Template Sample

Are you looking for the magazine cover template sample? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Here is the thing, when it comes to designing a magazine cover, you need to be careful. The cover of the magazine needs to be able to attract potential buyers. Hence, you need to make the cover eye-catching.

What You Need to Know about Magazine Cover

Now, there are several reasons why the magazine cover needs to be eye-catching. The first one is that the magazine holds the purpose to sell the brand of the company. Imagine if the cover is not attractive enough, no one would pay attention to even buy things from the company. The second one is that the magazine cover needs to be visually appealing not only to attract the regular readers but so that the new readers interested to read as well. Also, the magazine cover needs to be different each month but still related to the previous issue so that the regular readers are not getting confused and mistake them for other magazines. Last but not least, the magazine cover needs to present all of the publicationsā€™ characters and the content. This is why it is highly recommended to use the magazine cover template sample.

What to Include

There are at least five points that you need to include in the magazine cover so that the cover will be attractive. The first one is the masthead. What is a masthead? It is the brand or logo of the magazine. Usually, the masthead is written in a large size and should be emphasized. You may change the color but you cannot change the typeface, font size, and placement. The second one is photography. The photo of the magazine cover is the main reason why the potential buyer wants to buy the magazine and catch their attention.

The third one is the typography and headlines. The text or the headlines are important as well in order to connect with your target readers. Through the text and headlines, you will be able to present the information to your target readers. The fourth one is color which can be used to make the magazine looks appealing with vibrant colors. The last point needs to be included in the magazine cover template sampleĀ is the white space which makes the magazine looks balanced and not too much for the readers.

Magazine Cover Ideas

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