12+ College Resume Template Usages and Needs

Most people don’t really know what the use of college resume template is because they think that resumes are for job seekers only. Some colleges may require their applicants to provide high school resume because they want to see the students’ achievement or activities besides the academic parts. You’ll never know when such a resume can be a useful tool for you in the future – whether to continue your study to a higher level or to help you land a good job.


College Resume, an Understanding

If you see the examples of many college resume template, you will see that the resume is filled with your extracurricular, work history, accomplishments, and hobbies in a concise and short version. Students who provide their resume may have a bigger chance for college interview – or it prepares the admission committee to hold the interview. The resume can also be helpful for those writing the recommendation letters because it gives them ideas of what elements to write in the letter.

When the admission committee accepts applications, they can’t really imagine what the student would be like. With thousands of applications (meaning thousands of applicants), making time for an interview for each one of them can be quite impossible. After all, the admission committee usually seeks qualified students – those with good characters and also good academic abilities. The resume can make the process go easier.


Elements in the College Resume

So, what should be included in your college resume? Based on the college resume template, here are some things that would be considered best:

  • Heading (containing your name, email, and address)
  • Your high school info, including weighted GPA, graduation date, SAT scores, and class rank
  • Honors, publications, academic awards, and other accomplishments
  • Coursework
  • Hobbies
  • Work experience
  • Community service
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Special skills, which can be anything, such as HTML ability, foreign language fluency, etc

How and when should you provide a resume?

  • It is common for scholarship committees or colleges to ask for a resume along with the application. But it is also common for them to ask the resume later, after you submit the application
  • Only provide one when they ask it. DON’T submit it if they don’t require it
  • Don’t forget to bring one during the college interviews
  • Provide the copies for your teachers, especially if you want them to write a recommendation letter. Don’t forget to give one to the college counselor too

Handy Tips

Here are some useful tips for composing the resume

  • Keep it short and concise. You want to write only one, or two, max, page of the resume. Making it too long will bore the readers
  • You want to focus on the commitments and depth – the activities that matter the most. It is better for them to see you excited about two semester of joining the school paper than to know about your experiencing coming in and out of 10 clubs within a semester. Be smart about how you compose the resume.
  • Be detailed when necessary. You don’t have to be all detailed when composing the resume but when some parts require a further explanation, go for it.

Writing the college doesn’t have to be difficult or fussy, especially if you know the tricks and you have the college resume template to help you with the layout.

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