Hospital Clerk Cover Letter and Their Daily Duties

A hospital certainly has a unit called unit clerks to perform administrative and clerical tasks. The hospital clerks are usually placed at the front desk, or clerical office to deal with the paper works and things related to administrative documents. Mostly, they are working in a team and overseen by the hospital manager. Typically, hospital clerks are working inside the hospital, especially in the documents office. To get this job, learn the following matters regarding the job before you write your hospital clerk cover letter to apply for the job. Below are their requirements and duties.

Hospital Clerk Requirements

To be a hospital clerk, you have to possess below capabilities and skills.

Hospital Clerk Daily Duties

Becoming a hospital clerk means you have to deal with a bunch of paperwork and documents relating to the patients and their health. Below are the popular daily duties of the hospital clerk.

  • Maintaining all sort of files and logs
  • Perform clerical duties (copying documents, faxing documents, sending documents, and greet visitors)
  • Answer the patient’s inquiries
  • Manage supplies for the hospital
  • Noting orders
  • Creating a schedule for labs and tests

The abovementioned duties are some duties of the hospital clerk, there must be other duties varying to the employer or the hospital. Next, you may learn what to write in your hospital clerk cover letter in the sub-section below.

What to Write in the Hospital Clerk Cover Letter?

Your cover letter to apply for the hospital clerk must encompass your brief overview. You have to include your backgrounds, qualifications, achievements, skills are related to the job, and your contact details. Study the following sample to write your own.

Dear Mrs. Daisy Kelleher,

Please accept my application for the position of hospital clerk in your hospital, NNN City Hospital.

I acquired my medical assistant degree and have had my experience of clerical matters in the clinic of MMM suburban as an intern for the last couple of years. They are including performing office responsibilities such as sending emails and copying paper works, noting a message from the phone, filing the documents, and updating records.

I am also able to operate the computer software regarding the job like an office suite and several data input software. I believe I can learn how to use the system that is utilized by your hospital efficiently.

I can help your hospital running seamlessly by maintaining well for the records and the logs. Moreover, I also have the ability to have open communication between divisions in the hospital due to my great communication and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, I also have the capability to keep confidentiality and to follow procedures and policies regarding the job. I believe that I am the perfect-match candidate for this position.

You may contact me by phone at (567)567857577 or by email at I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss my transition very soon.



Selena Serenity

In conclusion, in writing your hospital clerk cover letter, you should consider the match for your skills, qualifications, and have measured the responsibilities that are going to be yours in the job. Note some key capabilities within your letter to win the interview. Good luck.


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