6+ Wanted Poster Template Sample


Wanted Poster Template Sample

You can use a wanted poster template sample to design a poster that you can use for various purposes. The template is designed to be easy to use. You can modify its text, add or change the photograph, and add extra details that you deem necessary. You can then print it and use it anywhere you want depending on your initial purpose of designing the poster.

What Is a Wanted Poster?

A wanted poster that you can create using a wanted poster template sample is a poster that you design and publicize for various purposes. The original purpose of this poster to inform the public about a person that is wanted due to certain criminal activities. The poster consists of a big “wanted” word, the wanted person’s photograph, and the amount of reward given to anyone who can catch the offender.

A wanted poster is still used according to its initial purpose nowadays. Law enforcement agencies continue to use the poster as published material. However, for the public, this poster can also be used to search for a missing person or pet and can also be used as a decorative element, especially for a bedroom.


When choosing a wanted poster template sample, be sure to investigate every element for it so that you can determine which element needs to be accentuated. Decide whether you need a template with a large “wanted” word, a template with a big photo and toned-down textual elements, or a template that emphasizes the reward.

Template Sample

Almost every wanted poster template sample looks very much the same and has very much the same elements, so the deciding factor is mostly your preferences in regards to the design elements (color, size, font, etc.). Here we show you a template sample that you can use in your wanted poster project.


How to Use the Template

To use the template, you should determine first the editing tools that you have on your computer. If you have only basic office applications at your disposal, you should choose a format that can be edited and modified using those applications. A Word wanted poster template sample is easy to modify because the text can be edited in no time and the photograph can be replaced quickly.

If you have some advanced graphic design software in your computer, also some advanced skills to use it, choose any formats for the wanted poster template sample because editing them can be done by involving the software you have.

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