5+ Bank Reconciliation Template


Using Bank Reconciliation Template Sample to Solve Discrepancies

A bank reconciliation template sample can often help you save your assets amidst frequent and busy transactions between you, your bank, and other related parties. With this template, you can easily design a bank reconciliation report specifying the movement of your capital across different parties, especially the bank.

What Is Bank Reconciliation?

A bank reconciliation paper reports everything that enters your bank account and leaves it. Having this document is an essential part of your financial management and accounting, whether you are an individual trying to manage your bank account or a business owner who is responsible for your business’s cash flow. This document is easy to make, especially if you have a bank reconciliation template sample at your disposal.

Why do you need bank reconciliation? This document helps you solve any discrepancies that occur on a specific date between the bank account record shown within your bank account statement or that of your company and the financial report that you make on your own. You can use this document when discussing with the bank concerning the discrepancies.


Choosing the right bank reconciliation template sample can be a mundane task, especially because there are so many designs for the document and so many file formats to choose from. One useful tip to choose the right template is to choose one that is suitable for your needs and the one that you can easily work on.

For instance, if you need a simple template that reports the deductions and additions within a specific date, choose a daily template with a simple form. If you need a template that provides reports over multiple dates, choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bank reconciliation template sample instead.

One last tip, because you will mostly deal with numbers, choose an Excel format instead of anything else. Choose other formats if you only need to copy and paste the data without performing complicated calculations.

Template Sample

Here we will show you two examples of a bank reconciliation template that you can use immediately after you download it. The first is a bank reconciliation template sample that you can use to record bank reconciliation data within a specific date and the second is usable for multi-date data reporting.

One-date template: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/templates/excel-modeling/bank-reconciliation-statement-template/

Multi-date template: https://www.smartsheet.com/file/ic-monthly-bank-reconciliation-9467xlsx

How to Use the Template

After you download your chosen bank reconciliation template sample, fill it with the required data. If you choose an Excel template, the template has already included the needed calculation formulas. If you choose other formats, you only need to write down or copy and paste the data on the template.

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