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Flash Card Template: Making It on the Microsoft Word

The Flash card template is an amazing educational media tool for kids and adults. However, writing can take a lot of time. To make it simple, you can use Microsoft Word to make your flashcards. It is easy to make flashcards on Microsoft Word and then print it for ready use. The directions are applicable for Microsoft Word 2019, 365, and 2016.

Making Your Flash Card Template

The old version of Microsoft Word has a flash card template or index card simply to use. It seems that the template is unavailable to Microsoft Word 2016. It is not worrying because making a flashcard on Microsoft Word is very easy to do. You can save a flashcard to be a template only. It is also a great tool for the teachers to make flashcards for students without spending time and limited resources.

  • Opening Microsoft Word and Choosing New Empty Documents 

The first step to do is to open Microsoft Word. Then, you choose a new empty document. You click a tab layout. It is enabling you to change the size of the page being the right flashcard size.

  • Managing the Layout Tab on Microsoft Word

In a layout of a tab, you need to select the size of 4”x 6”. You also select a landscape or portrait depending on the most suitable one. It is giving you the perfect size for the printed flashcards.

  • Setting The Menu Size of Microsoft Word

You should set the menu size of Word. It is showing the orientation of the page. You should type the cards said and press Ctrl+Enter to make new flashcards. On this spot, you are writing a response to the first cards if it is necessary or making new cards. You should remember that you go to the tab of the design and add colors, themes, and effects to a flashcard.

  • Printing the Flash Cards

Then, you can choose the theme of the flashcard template. It is based on the schooling topics and materials before determining a particular theme. After you have checked the details of the flashcards, it is time to print it. Make sure that you have set the layout size and paper so that it can be the great flashcards template to use.

Those are some ways of designing and making a flash card template using Microsoft Word. Those are simply applied for being the educational media tools for the learning process.

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