Writing Biotechnology Cover Letter for Entry-level Biotechnologists

Biotechnologists are the person who employs biological organisms to formulate and enhance products and processes. Typically, biotechnologists could be found in the agriculture and food area, medications area, and environmental conservation area. Relevant scientific field qualifications will be required to be a biotechnologist. After all, you have to write your biotechnology cover letter to express your interest to be a biotechnologist. Here are some ideas to consider before you put your first letter in your cover letter.


What Are Key Skills to be Biotechnologists?

To pave the smooth path to be biotechnologists, the key skills below are required.

Responsibilities According to The Areas

Environmental Biotech

  • Develop micro-organisms and plants to clean, polluted-free land or water.
  • Produce raw materials for the industry that are environmentally friendly
  • Formulating alternative renewable energy sources

Medical Biotech

  • Learning human genetics, proteins, antibodies, plants, fungi, viruses, and bacteria to study and heal human diseases
  • Creating therapies, hormones, medicines, and vaccines to treat certain diseases.
  • Employing cell culture and genetic modification to produce medications, vaccines, and other treatments for the diseases.

Industrial Biotech

  • Clone and formulate enzyme for manufacture use.
  • Producing biological detergents for the textile industry
  • Improving feed, and plants.
  • Genetically modifies crops to enhance productivity

Writing Biotechnology Cover Letter

After deliberate on the above matters, you have to express your interest in the job by writing the cover letter to apply for the biotechnologist position. Make sure you write all of your related skills, and qualifications within your biotechnology cover letter. The example below could be your reference to write the cover letter in a professional manner.

Dear Mr. Dominic Jade

I am writing this letter to apply for the job as the biotechnologist in your industrial biotechnology company, HJK Company.

I have acquired my bachelor’s degree from FGH University majoring in agricultural biotechnology which will be the best-suited candidate for the openings. I have participated in numerous projects and researches related to agriculture biotechnology, the details are enclosed along with my resume. It is also equipped with a recommendation letter from my mentor in the previous research.

I have sufficient research skills and the ability to utilize any methods to study plants and their genetics to improve their productivity and fight pests. I have experience in managing project details, maintain detailed documents, and making sure the project is adhering to the requirements set forth by the clients. In addition, I have the capability to use extensive tools and procedures in this industry thanks to my lab experience.

Furthermore, my excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently or as a research team would be very helpful for your company. Also, I am able to present the result of the research clearly and working with the professionals efficiently.

I would be very glad if you reach me at (909)90909090 or by email at email@domain.com. I am very pleased to hear from you very soon.



Adam K. Statham


Well, that is an example of a biotechnology cover letter that you can reuse or use as a reference to apply for the entry-level biotechnologist in the industrial area. Make sure you only list your resume that relates to the job vacancy. Good luck.


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