5+ Commercial Invoice Template Sample


Commercial Invoice Template Sample

Businessmen, as well as people who work in the business field and global world trade products, know that invoice is an integral part of their business. If you work in the Global Trade business, you should know about the commercial invoice. It has several differences from the Proforma Invoice. Generally, the commercial invoice is used when you are doing business globally; import and export for instance. Know what is the importance of commercial invoices to your business. Keep on reading this article to get to know the detail of the commercial invoice template sample.

What is the Commercial Invoice?

To put it simply, a commercial invoice is issued when the goods have been shipped or delivered to the buyer. The commercial invoice has the same format as the Proforma Invoice. However, the difference lies in the quantity of the products. Commercial Invoice informs the exact quantity of the products which have been shipped. In some cases, the quantity of the products which has been listed or ordered in Proforma Invoice may be different from Commercial Invoice. Commercial invoice informs the final quantity and amount of money which should be paid.

Reasons Using Commercial Invoice

There are some reasons to use a Commercial Invoice. The reasons are important to your business as well as your customers.

  • Reducing delays. It will reduce delays within customs because the documentation is clear, concise, and inclusive.
  • Informing custom’s security of contents. If the information listed on the commercial invoice matches the customs entry form, the package will not be held to conduct examinations and decide that the shipment is secure.


Elements of Commercial Invoice

Like any other invoice, there some basic elements which must be included in a commercial invoice. You can search for a commercial invoice template sample to know the basic elements. Here we listed it for you.

  • The information of the seller (first name, last name, address)
  • The information of the consignee (first name, last name, address)
  • Terms of the sale, paid amount, and currency information (the country it was delivered, and country origins)
  • Full export reason
  • A detailed description of the items (what the item is made of)
  • Listed name of the products or items as well as their purpose
  • The total number of each unit or items
  • The total weight and the total number of packages
  • Shipper’s signature and date

You do not have to make such an invoice from scratch. Just simply download it by looking for the commercial invoice template sample.

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