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Why You Need 1.5 Inch Binder Spine Template

Binders are quite good for organizing your important document either in school or office work. It looks nice and trendy as well rather than the standard notebook. You can manage and easily customized them by using some decorations you can create on your own or by using the already made ones.

Why You Need 1.5 Inch Binder Spine Template

Now, we will talk about why you should use the 1.5 inch binder spine template for your work.

The binder that has a pretty design will make the user want to spend all their day to do journaling and report their daily activities. Changing your typical binder spine will make you have a different vibe and feeling when writing on them.

The binder spine will need time to make, let alone make a similar spine. You probably need to measure before cutting the label size, let alone the design itself.

The printed binder spine template is usually used to make your binder design look more pretty and attractive. You can design the binder spine by yourself, but when you can already find binder spine templates out there why can’t you use them?

The steps to use a 1.5 inch binder spine template

  1. Select the binder spine design

The design for the binder spine is so many. Because of the plenty of options out there, you can choose the proper one for your binder. Select the coordinated design that will suit your binder cover as well, so it won’t look too much or out of place.

  1. Check the measurement

Make sure it has the same measurement to your binder size, so you won’t have the wrong size of the binder spine. The binder spine template usually has the measure adjustment for the typical binder. For example, it is usually available in different types of size, like a 1.5 inch binder spine template or so.

  1. Print the template

Then, prepare the cardstock so you can print the binder spine on them. It will make the binder spine easily insert to the spine of your binder pocket. Using the glue to attach rather than the cardstock will make it easily damaged and can’t be used in a long period. Besides, the printed result will look too dull and cheap. Cutting it into a straight line to make it clean and neat.

Now, you can use the 1.5 inch binder spine template and place it on your binder

1.5 inch binder spine Design Ideas

1.5 inch binder spine Ideas

1.5 inch binder spine Example

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