Writing a Business Appreciation Letter in Professional Way

It is common that some business owners are collaborating with another business party to boost the profit. Often, the result is getting better with the collaboration of two business parties. At the end of collaboration, a business appreciation letter is often sent to show the appreciation and gratitude of the success from one business owner to another. In this article, you will read information about how to write an appreciation letter in business context which is completed by its tips.

Why it is Needed to Send a Business Appreciation Letter?

When you are a business owner (or not, it’s okay) who wants to show the gratitude of working together with other involved party, this is a good idea to utilize the appreciation letter to do so. It also a great way to build professional connection and to leave a good impression after you are parting ways with the business partner. One thing for sure, sending a business appreciation letter is always appreciated, especially when you send personally rather than using the instant communication such as email or messaging apps.

Do’s and Don’ts’s in Writing a Business Appreciation Letter

The following tips might be useful for all of you who consider writing a business appreciation letter to your business partner. First thing first, try to write the appreciation letter as soon as possible. This gesture shows the sincere intention that you really mean to say thank you to them. Second, write a sincere and formal letter. Do not go over in expressing the gratitude no matter how close the relationship is. This is linked to the next tip which is to keep the letter brief. Mention your gratitude about the collaboration that both of you have in two paragraphs maximum.

Sample of aBusiness Appreciation Letter

After knowing the importance and what to do and not, now we come to the sample ofappreciation letter. It is sent by a representative of Red Cross Youth to a number of people who held blood donation event for the people who need it.

Dear Mr. Billy,

Please accept this letter as an appreciation letter from Red Cross Youth because of the blood donation event that was held by your community. We appreciate what you and the community were doing to help saving people’s lives. Personally, I am glad that there are some kind people like you and the community around us to help each other.

Looking at how successful the event was, I am proud to be involved in this collaboration. As we all know, hospitals are getting more crowded and people need blood transfusion every minute, even second, and it is getting critical with the pandemic situation. What you are doing is beyond helping people, it is a humanity act that I hope other people can do more for better lives.

You and your community are making sure to hold the health protocol in doing the blood donation so that everyone stays safe and does not need to worry in donating their blood. We were also making sure beforehand to only accept the healthy people and those who were infected the COVID virus to get their plasma which can help the patients who are still treated in hospitals.

Thank you for showing us that good people are still around. We appreciate your help.



Thomas Gogh

The business appreciation letter above shows the collaboration between Mr. Billy and his community and Red Cross Youth in blood donation event. We hope the sample letter helps you in writing your appreciation letter.


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