How To Write A Professional Sales Recommendation Letter?

As a manager who is about to quit your job or retire, you may have strong candidates to be your replacement. You can officially convey this to your employer by writing a sales manager recommendation. This letter can be addressed to the CEO of the company, the operations manager, or directly to the president of the company. Before writing your letter, pay attention to several important things regarding the aspects that you have to write.


What To Include In My Recommendation Letter?

As well as any business letter, there are several important aspects that you should pay attention to in writing a recommendation letter. You need to write your relationship with someone you recommend, why you recommend that person, and what skills and experiences do she/he have. If you are sure you have met these requirements, now pay attention to the important aspects that you must write in the letter.


Write the greeting followed by the last name of the recipient of the letter. You can write like “Dear Mr. James, or Dear Ms. Chopin.” Match the name of your intended recipient.

Body of the Letter

You can write at least two paragraphs for the body of your recommendation letter. In this part, you should discuss important things such as your relationship with the people you recommend, the skills they have, and the strongest reasons you recommended them for a managerial position. Write your sentences in detail, but don’t be over-write.


Before closing your letter, say that you recommend that person. Then close the letter with your name, signature, and title.

How To Write A Recommendation Letter?

You also have to pay attention to a few things in detail. For example, by paying attention to the tone of the letter to stay positive. You can also write some specific examples of the qualities of the person you recommend. It can be your experience while working with the person for years.

Besides, don’t forget to include your contact information in the letter, so your employer can contact you if you are interested in your recommendation letter.

Sales Manager Recommendation Letter Sample

Here is an example of a recommendation letter may help you to get a new insight:

Dear President George,

I am pleased to recommend Claire Johnson for the position of sales manager at First Company after my retirement arrives in mid-February. I see Claire as an excellent sales representative. S he has helped our company’s sales increase by 40 percent. Claire knows a lot about her job, she gets along very well with other co-workers and is respected. Besides, she can foster cooperative relationships very well with our clients.

I am sure that Claire will be a responsible and effective manager. She has tremendous energy and creativity, she also has developed some brilliant ideas which meet the sales expectations of our company.

I hope you are willing to consider Claire Johnson as a sales manager at First Company. I am sure you will not be disappointed with Claire’s future performance. If you are interested in discussing this more, please feel free to contact me at (222)-222-2222 or by email at



James Brown

Sales Manager

First Company

That’s all our explanation about the sales manager recommendation letter and the sample. By reading our brief explanation above, hope you can get inspiration.



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