Postdoc Appreciation Letter and its sample 

Postdoc scholar is a professional research staff that focuses on high-level research and scholarship at top-tier universities across the nation. Therefore, when you want to appreciate his/ her job, you need to arrange a postdoc appreciation letter. This idea will make him/ her happy without any difficulties.


What are the things to include in a postdoc appreciation letter?

To write this postdoc appreciation letter idea, you need to ensure that this letter is business-like in appearance. In this letter, you can write for a specific individual, not just the general title director of personal. Therefore, you have to ensure to write the proper name which is spelled correctly.

How to create a postdoc appreciation letter?

You should not worry when you want to write this postdoc appreciation letter format. It is not too difficult. You can follow some ideas below when you want to make this letter easy to read. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

  • When you are writing this letter, you have to write each separately even if you follow a similar form for each letter
  • Your letter has to highlight what was discussed in your interview and reiterate your qualification and continuing interest
  • You can restate the major points of the conversation and also utterance your appreciation for the assistance

Tips to arrange a postdoc appreciation letter

Besides, you also need to include some tips below when you are arranging this postdoc appreciation letter format. Here are some tips to follow in your appreciation letter.

  • You have to write your gratitude for being considered as well as your continuing interest in the working company
  • You can send the appreciation with a positive tone to generate the positive references
  • Make it simple and clear so that the recipient will know easily

The example of a postdoc appreciation letter

Your letter will be great if you read a postdoc appreciation letter example to write a letter. This sample also can be used as your reference to make this letter without any difficulties.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Sebastian, 

I am Samuel Hughes want to appreciate your postdoctoral studies. I know about you from an undergraduate student that you have the potential to be a great student in the future. 

I am about to finish my Ph. D study is about using a different method from your research before. I think it is similar in theme and problem so that I want to know more about your research well. Here, I also will look for postdoc opportunities relevant to my skills and interests. 

I have studied your recent research and project and I noticed you have a strong research theme. I am really interested in your on-going topics in microbiology, but I also will welcome to discuss the possibilities with you in any formal/ informal meeting. Thank you very much for your time.

Yours sincerely, 


Samuel Hughes

That is all about the postdoc appreciation letter. This letter will be useful for you who want to appreciate your friend or family about their postdoc achievement. This letter is simple but it is valuable.


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