College Application Letter and Its Sample

A college application letter written in the proper format helps you get into your desired college. It should highlight your community service, extracurricular, athletic, and academic achievements. It also helps you get favor during the competitive process of selection. In this article, we will discuss it further.


What Is a College Application Letter?

This is a kind of letter written to apply for a job position at a college. It can be a lecturer, staff, etc. It depends on the available job. It is required to list your qualifications so that you can fill the right position available.

What to Include in a College Application Letter?

There are some parts to be included in such a letter:

  • Your full name and address
  • The date of writing the letter
  • The name & address of the college
  • Salutation or greeting
  • The body of the letter
  • Complimentary close
  • Name – signature
  • Details of your contact

How to Make a College Application Letter

Here is the step by step in making such a letter:

  • Greet the admissions department!
  • State that you are interested in working at the college you are applying for!
  • State what position you want to apply for!
  • Describe your qualifications including your educational background, work experience, skills, abilities, and achievements!
  • Convince that you will be a great value to the college!
  • Put your signature to end the letter!

Tips to Make a College Application Letter

Writing this kind of letter requires you to consider the tips below:

  • Be clear!
  • A new paragraph for each new idea.
  • Basically, you would like to move from the outside in.
  • Stand out which is easier said than done. You can use a humor.
  • Ask a few persons to proofread it.
  • Never steal or plagiaries the work of someone else!

College Application Letter Sample

If you need the reference, you can use the sample below:

Dear Admissions Department,

I was impressed by your campus because of the friendly and helpful staff. Even more, I’m impressed with its excellent reputation & awesome academic achievements. After reading some reviews from your campus alumni, I believe that this is the best place for me to work. I’m interested to teach students at any level at your campus.

I’m interested in a teacher position because I’m experienced in this role. My great communication skills will be very helpful. I can also learn something new quickly. So, I’m sure that I can be a good teacher for students at your campus.

Currently, I hold a bachelor’s degree with the best honors & a 3.9 GPA. I also have a teaching experience for a few years when I was a student. I can use my skills and experience to help students learn effectively. If you want to arrange a meeting with me, you can call me at (111)-111-1111.



That is all about a college application letter. Writing an application letter for a position at a college is very challenging. Hopefully, the sample above can help you a lot.


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