Useful Guidance to Write an Employment Advisor Cover Letter

There are times when people are in need to talk to someone else regarding their jobs. It can be literally about everything, the problem rising in the workplace, or other reasons. The people who are in charge of dealing with this situation is called an employment advisor. This job is getting more recognition as many people are joining the field as time goes by. Here, you will read more information about what employment advisor, and its responsibilities, skills needed and also a sample of employment advisor cover letter, if you are interested.

Responsibilities of an Employment Advisor

As the explanatory name suggests, the job is dealing with supporting and giving advice in terms of employment to people who are in need. So, who are these people in need means? It can be everyone. Employment advisors can work in a wide-range of places like the independent advice center, a company, or in the community.Employment advisors help people to get a job by talking about someone’s interests and abilities before applying, even checking the cover letter. For someone who has a job already, employment advisors give advice about the problem at the workplace and how to get help from the company.

Skills Needed for an Employment Advisor

As the job relates to people’s careers, employment advisors need to have good problem-solving skills. People come to ask about the problems, and the advisor needs to give a solution. Before sending an employment advisor cover letter, you need to have a good listening skill, too. It’s the basic in becoming the advisor, understanding the problem, and provides the best solution. Another skill needs to have is excellent language skills, in whatever language you are speaking, but English especially. The clients can be from everywhere and mastering some languages, it eases the communication between you and the clients.

Sample of an Employment Advisor Cover Letter

Below is the sample of an employment advisor cover letter that can be used as a reference if you are planning to send it.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in position of Employment Advisor as advertised on the company website. I have excellent interpersonal skill which is crucial for an employment advisor to deal with the clients.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Personnel Management and worked for four years in Human Resources Department in Yun Ing Incorporation. During the four-year career, I have helped hundreds of people getting jobs, maintaining the work position, and facilitating to solve problems in the workplace.

I possess the ability to give an effective solution to the clients regarding what the problem is. I have also dealt with foreign clients as I master three different languages, Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. I focused on the positive traits and advised the specific jobs that foreign clients can do in Indonesia. All of them are now employed in foreign companies all over the country. Until now, I build a good relationship with most of my clients. I enjoy my work as an employment advisor and I know I can be a good candidate in your company.

You can contact me at 444-333-222 for the interview. Thank you for the opportunity.



Saleem Khan

The employment advisor cover letter above can be changed by giving more detailed information of the applicants, depends on the experiences s/he has. Good luck!


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