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Employee Write Up Template Sample

An employee writes up form is necessary for every business. The write-up form is also commonly known as employee discipline form or warning letter. It is issued by the employers to let their employees know about the workplace violations they have done. If an employee writes up form has been issued, it can lead to termination of the employee. If it is used properly, the write-up form helps you in dealing with disciplinary issues without taking physical action. It is a common and standard practice in almost every company. If you want to know more details of the employee write-up template sample, then keep on reading this article.

Employee Write Up Form

As has been mentioned, a write-up form is issued when employees violate the rules or the employees are unable to complete or finish their duty. It helps the supervisor and managers to keep track of the violation an employee has done. Besides, the employee has the opportunity to know what rules have been violated.

While it can lead to termination of the employee, some companies may terminate their employees without issuing the write-up form. It is still allowed and legal in some countries, but it is not common.


Browsing through employees write up template sample online, you can learn some details which must be included in the write-up form. There are employee’s name, position, and ID number, the type of the warning issued, the violation committed, the description of the violation, and consequences when it is repeated.

Be detailed about the description of the incident, but avoid irrelevant information such as race, color, or religion. Stick to the necessary information and use simple language.

Write Up Template

Although making an employee write up form seems difficult, it is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is look online for employees to write up template samples to find the necessary details for issuing your write up form.

Or you can just download any template and edit it according to your needs. You can change some detailed information which you think unnecessary in the write-up form. Do not forget to write a plan for improvement in the write-up form.

How to Use

An employee write up form is used when the employees have done one or some of the following:

  • Absenteeism
  • Violation of the policy
  • Early leaving without authorization
  • Substandard work
  • Inappropriate behavior in a workplace

So, you do not have to be confused anymore to make a write-up form.

Employee Write Up Example

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