15+ Rubric Template Functionality for Teachers

If you aren’t a teacher, it is highly likely that you aren’t familiar with the so-called rubric template. This is a kind of special template that is commonly used among teachers because it makes their job easier. Although most people believe that this kind of template is super handy for teachers, you can also use it for your own needs. Yes, the main purpose of this template is to provide guidance and easy path for teachers, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak it a little and use it for your own advantage.

The Functions of a Rubric Template

Even if you are a teacher, it isn’t a guarantee that you will be familiar with the rubric template format. After all, not everyone understands how to create one or how to come up with the structure. That’s why there are websites that are providing free templates so you can save or download it and then immediately use it for your own needs. With the template, you don’t need to create everything from the beginning. Simply consult the template and you are good to go!

There are many functions of the rubric format and template that you can use. What are they?

  • The rubric template is mostly used to help teachers in their work. They can use the template to make their workflow easier, especially when they have to divide tasks in groups or sections.
  • The template makes the job easier because it simplifies the overall process
  • Not only the rubric form can help teachers break down their working load, they can also make the scoring job easier. In some cases, the template can be used to make the book (or any literary) review so the entire process is simpler and easier.
  • The template is coming in various designs, forms, and formats. In the end, it is very easy to simply choose one of them and pick the one that suits your needs the most
  • The template has various functions and also forms. They are designed for different purposes and needs. Simply pick one from the collections and you should be able to make use of it to your greatest level.

The Various Different Forms

If you choose a reliable and trusted source for your rubric template, you will see that there are different kinds of variants and formats available for your needs, such as:

  • The template sample. The sample will provide user-friendly format where there will be numbered columns for academic term (each one of them).
  • The template example. This kind of example will give you a direct and also clear understanding on how you should use the template. In this example section, you can see the example for book review, for teacher job division, for students’ scoring and performance, and such thing alike.
  • There are templates available in the form of Word or in pdf. Some of the templates are quite fixed in the formation while some are adjustable so you can always tweak it.


Basically, there are tons of different rubric template formats and shapes that can be beneficial for everyone.

Download Template

File Description File size Downloads
Rubrics for Elementary Teachers 94 KB 365
Sample Holistic Rubric for Essays 42 KB 526
Sample Presentation Scoring Rubric templates in.doc 12 KB 2515
Sample Rubric templates in Word Doc 11 KB 334
Sample Rubric templates for Course. 27 KB 326
Science Project Rubric templates Forma. 155 KB 415
Scoring Guide Rubric templates Example in MS Word 10 KB 311
Standard Evaluation Rubric 395 KB 329
Student Teaching Portfolio Rubric 104 KB 414
Writing Assignment Grading Rubric templates 8 KB 348
able Project Based Learning Rubric templates 10 KB 364
Analytic Rubric Sample 18 KB 398
Backup Survey Rubric 991 KB 322
Blank Scoring Rubric Frame templates 6 KB 316
Blank Simple Rubric templates Word Doc 7 KB 307
Creative well format Rubric templates. 659 KB 317
Decision Making Rubric 44 KB 313
Editable Rubric 234 KB 322
General Art Rubric 14 KB 318
General Math Rubric templates in Word.doc 12 KB 319
Grading Rubric templates 15 KB 332
Group Activity Project Rubric templates MS Word 11 KB 338
High School Project Presentation Rubric templates.doc 3 KB 315
Job Interview Scoring Rubric 9 KB 429
Lesson Evaluation Rubric Form 137 KB 299
Math Project Rubric templates in Format. 42 KB 315
Multiple Rubric templatess in Format . 236 KB 309
Performance Assessment Rubric 9 KB 372
Poster Grading Rubric templates .doc 4 KB 339
Power Point Grading Rubric templates .doc 3 KB 334
powerpoint rubric templates 3 MB 319
Presentation Rubric for PBL 43 KB 326
Research Paper Rubric templates Format in. 30 KB 323
Research Project Presentation Rubric Sample templates . 223 KB 548
Resume Grading Rubric templates.doc 6 KB 318
Rubric Checklist 95 KB 345
Rubric Creator 45 KB 328
Rubric templates for Interview in Word Doc 9 KB 329
Rubric templates for ITCS Project – Word File 9 KB 325

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