4+ Persuasive Speech Outline Template Importance and Use

You probably have heard about persuasive speech outline and yet you don’t really give it a thought. Well, if you have to deliver a public speech quite often or you need to engage to your listeners or audience, knowing how to draw their attention and tackle the job is important. It should be able to convince them – of whatever you think or believe. The art of persuasion isn’t easy. That’s why it would be great if you can master the skill.

What Is Persuasive Speech?

Speech can only result in 2 things: it can be either amazing and opening the mind, or it can be drop dead boring. That’s why composing a speech or writing one requires a special skill and ability. Not everyone is able to deliver such a thing so if you nail it, you have done a good job.

As the name suggests, a persuasive speech is the kind of speech that is able to convince people to agree on your thoughts, point of views, and opinions. It persuades people to ‘Wow, he has a great point. Yes, I agree with him.’ Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so. Instead of doing everything successfully, they do it in the opposite way – they fail miserably. That’s why we have persuasive speech outline that can help you compose the writing or the speech. By following the outlines, you have a well-managed structure of the topic you want to talk about. That’s why having the outline is important.

Delivering a Successful Speech

So, the persuasive speech outline helps you to define what you are about to say, but isn’t it about the delivery? How can you convince people of a certain topic if you don’t look confident  or if you are unsure about the topic?

That’s why there are some small but handy tips that can help you with the execution and implementation.

  • Use the simple and easy to understand structure. No need to have a grandeur or complicated one. What’s the point of having a sophisticated construction if no one understands you? Start with clear beginning, say your points in the middle, and close it off with a memorable closing by the end.
  • Think about a powerful opening which will be your ground for the topic. It’s like planting a seed – you want to make sure that it will grow and expand. It’s the same concept as the speech – you want to plant the idea and present logic and let it grow in your listeners’ mind.
  • Use both logical and emotional approaches. Your speech won’t matter anything if you are talking gibberish. People will know an empty word. You will need to have logics with data and facts. Once the logic is introduced, then you can start with the emotional approach. If you can combine the two things, you should create an amazing engagement with your audience.

Whatever you do, it is crucial to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you have to be the audience, what do you expect? How would you want the speech to be? What are the points you want to hear? All of those things can be found in persuasive speech outline – just follow them.

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