12+ Storyboard Template Functions and Tips

If you are working in the creative and artistic industry, knowing your best sources for reliable storyboard template can make your job easier. The storyboard is often used in video productions – whether it is the sales video, a training one, or a demo video. The storyboard is a part of the planning – and every creative individual understands how important the planning stage is.

Understanding Storyboard

Before you explore the many storyboard template types, it is best to know what a storyboard is. It is basically the graphic representation that shows how the video will be shot. The storyboard usually comes in the form of squares with pictures or illustrations that represents each shooting stage. The easier version is: think of the storyboard as a comic book of how the video will go.

There are reasons why creative people usually need the storyboard.

  • The storyboard has become one of the best options or ways to share the planning or vision. Instead of you having to explain everything to the audience – and there is no guarantee that they will get it – isn’t it better if you can have a visual assistance? In this way, you can easily share and then explain your thoughts and also vision. With the storyboard, it will be easier for the audience to get the clearer picture and get your point.
  • The storyboard will make the production easier. The storyboard lays out the plan of how the production should run. It has all the shots and how the scriptwill interact with the visuals. It can cover all the angles and point of views. With it, producing the videos will be a lot easier.
  • The storyboard helps you save time and create an effective result. Sure, you may have to spend the extra efforts to arrange the storyboard. However, it is super helpful in the long run because it can prevent you from making mistakes and revisions.

How to Make the Storyboard

Let’s say that you don’t really want to use the storyboard template and you decide to make one for yourself. So, how do you do it?

  • You need to create black space or slides. You can do it by creating squares (if you see the templates, you know what I’m talking about). The squares are representing the frames, so each different square will represent the different frames. Just make sure that you have enough space within each square.
  • Add the script. Once you are done with the picture, you can write the lines. Think of a comic book and you know what to do with the storyboard.
  • Sketch the story. You don’t have to be detailed but you need to lay out how each of the scenes should look like. What’s important is only the visual details that can help the audience understand your video.

What’s important is that you are trying to convey a message. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Can you understand the storyboard? Is everything clear? Do you know what to expect? If creating your own storyboard is overwhelming, you can use the storyboard template that can be found in many reliable sources.

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