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2.25 Button Template and Tips on Making Buttons

Checking out some collections of 2.25 button template could help you to start your button-making journey. Buttons can be another way for you to make money. But how can we start it?

There are several places you can head to for finding the templates. Templates help you to make the exact size without manually measuring the button.

Some templates are printable and editable. You can use a specific app on your computer to customize the pattern, color, and anything you need for the button.

Is it a profitable business?

As has been mentioned earlier, some people show their enthusiasm for making buttons. But at some point, it could be tricky to measure anything manually.

Thus, using a pre-made template would help a lot. All you need to do is to figure out the button size. Once you get a suitable template, you can start to customize how the button will look like.

Of course, button making can be profitable. You may need to purchase a button maker machine but this can be done later.

Things to prepare

Other than using a 2.25 button template, you need to prepare several other things. When you make a button, make sure you have an extra mylar nearby.

This piece of paper is easily getting lost, stick together, and even dirty. Thus, preparing extra mylar would help a lot.

As has been mentioned earlier, you need to buy a button maker machine. When printing the motif, make sure you don’t use photo paper – you can use photo paper if you have a photo punch or a button maker machine for photo paper.

Another tool you may need to invest in is a punch cutter or circle cutter. Also, a ceramic magnet may help during the process of de-nesting the shells if you are using ones.

Other considerations on button making

Make sure anything is clean when you start making buttons. For instance, dog hair wouldn’t look good on your button unless you want to get that specific look in the first place.

You need to punch all elements to make the button by using the machine. Make sure you put all elements accordingly.

If you load too many elements in the machine, it would delay the process since the machine could jam.

How can this business become a profitable thing? Well, buttons are great prizes and mementos after all.

We remind you that it will be much easier if you use the 2.25 button template or other sizes to make buttons.


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