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Starting a Button Making Business with a 2.25 inch Button Template

A 2.25 inch button template is a popular size to make a button. Many people have started their business of button making. This business can be done on your own at home while it can be highly profitable.

So, what should you prepare to start this business? In this article, we have a series of things you can try before jumping into a button-making ride.

How to market the buttons

When it comes to a profitable business, marketing champagne is one of the crucial things to determine. The good news is that you don’t need a specific yet complicated way to market your buttons.

All you need to do is to hand out brochures or mailing fliers to people. Where can you sell the buttons after all? Schools, organizations, politicians, and clubs are a few places you can make your business sold.

Buttons are versatile and can be a great memento. Thus, you can sell them easily once you’ve established one. Also, using a 2.25 inch button template would save your time on designing the buttons.

Tools and equipment

Before starting this business, you need to gather some tools and equipment. You need to own a computer and printer – the machines will help you to design and print the button motifs as well as helping with the marketing needs.

If you head to some button supply companies, you may also find a specific app to design the button. However, if you can use the template, you can use any apps on your computer to customize the design.

Of course, you will need a button maker machine, button supplies, and a round cutter. These tools are easily found in local supply stores. Or else, online shopping will introduce you to more options though.

Now you have the tools and equipment to make buttons. You can start your creative session to design the buttons that people would love.

Other considerations

In case you plan to buy a manual button machine, you need to know that it requires a level of physical strength. Also, it includes some repetitive-motion moves.

An automatic machine will help you to get rid of those hassles while taking a large order quantity. Feel free to take your time learning how to use the machine and other tools.

Cutters and the machine may lead to injury without a proper operation. And this is anything you need to know about starting a button-making business with the 2.25 inch button template.

2.25 inch button Design Ideas

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