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Things to Know about Using 2 x 4 Label Template for Your Online Store

If you are running an online store, you might also look for a 2 x 4 label template. The label template is quite useful for shipping items so you don’t need to manually write the shipment detail for every order.

Of course, you can always create a shipping label on your own. However, failing to use a proper format can turn into a disaster. Here we will show you why a shipping label template is better than manually making a new one.

Elements on a shipping label template

Generally, you can always print a blank one but as has been explained earlier, if you are running an online shop, using a ready-made shipping label is much better.

The label contains a series of crucial information. However, the 2 x 4 label template is commonly printed in blank since you only need to state the recipient name and the address.

Talking about the shipping label, the information in it depends on the items you are sending and the courier service provider.

You need to state the contact details of the customer along with the destination address. Other than that, you can state the handling instructions such as keep away from direct sunlight, keep this side on top, fragile, and so on.

Why should you use a shipping label template?

Using templates will always save your time instead of manually writing the information on a piece of blank paper. Also, it brings you to a bunch of benefits.

Tracking is essential especially when it comes to time-sensitive goods like veggies. The shipping labels that contain the barcode and shipping bill code could help for tracking.

It also helps to manage the inventory much easier. The barcodes tell you the information you need to monitor the inventory stocks. In other words, the manual data entry job is cut.

Other than that, the shipping label saves your time while being cost-effective. It boosts the functionality and strategic benefits of marginal costs, which are quite important for a business.


Using shipping label templates will help you in so many ways. Running an e-commerce business would require extra effort when it comes to monitoring.

The presence of shipping label templates will ease your job since everyone involved can monitor the items easily. Regardless of the size, label templates have a huge role in a business’s life.

And this is what you need to know about a 2 x 4 label template for your online shop.

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