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2 column resume template for beginner

A 2 column resume template is beneficial for applicants and users. It categorizes information into two sides. You will easily find and sort the information.

The Advantages

A resume takes an important role, especially for job seekers. Through this, you will share your professional information. Below are the advantages of the 2 column resume template.

  1. Focus on what matters.

The 2 column resume contains fewer words and is specific on what you want to say. You don’t need to focus much on the job description. So, it is more effective and presentable.

  1. Attractive format.

The 2 column resume template is more attractive. The format shows the visual balance between skills and work chorology. It makes the reader focus on skills and work experience.

  1. Modern looking.

A 2 column resume can represent your creativity skills. The designs can portray your modernity.

The disadvantages

Apart from its positivity, it has a negative side too. Let us see the following disadvantages.

  1. Not compatible with ATS.

ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems can not detect the 2 column resume template. Your resume will be rejected due to failure during its scanning system. No matter how good your resume, your application will not be read.

  1. Not favorite among hiring managers.

Due to its format, the hiring employer spends more time reading this kind of resume. They are used to reading 1 column resumes. So, your application will be ignored.

You can find various choices of the 2 column resume template on the internet. Pick the one that suits you. Make sure that your skills and achievements are readable. Here are a few tips.

  1. Start with your personal information. It is important as a step to introduce you to the interviewer.
  2. Focus on what you want to highlight. You can start to list your idea. To make it efficient, you can only list skills and achievements only once.
  3. Write the most important and relevant information as heading in each section. You have to be sure that your interviewer will find this easily.
  4. Focus on your last 10 years. Make it short and leave the unnecessary information.
  5. Mention education experience and certification on the second page. It is better to put your working experience on the first page.

If you browse it, there are multiple options for creative resume design. You can choose from simple to modern format. Considering the advantages, the 2 column resume template is the right choice.

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