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2 Inch Binder Spine Template and Types of Binders

Create your own binder spine covers to beautify your logbook. Today, we’re going to give you a DIY project on how to create a 2 inch binder spine template. There are many ways to create one, or you can also directly search the ready-to-use on the internet.

The Advantages of Using Binder Spine

When you try to organize your home library or your office, you may find difficulties to find out what is inside your binder at your shelves.

Making spine labels will ease you to see what’s inside the binder. From colorful images to simple text description, you can make your own 2 inch binder spine template as many as you want, by following our later directions.

You can use a template to create a binder spine, select in the product category, then find the design you want. Edit the text, and fill it with the description of what you have inside the binder. Some templates also offer you editing features that you can change the image into your company’s logo or profiles.

Be specific about what you describe on the label because the label will help you find the right information when you’re in a hurry. If you want to make your words easy to read or large enough, make sure that you do not put too many words to describe the binder. Pick a specific and short phrase.

Types of Custom Binders

As our society has changed into a more mobile society, binders, as catalogs organization has also changed. Now, we already have digital binders that provide people with quick access to searching files and update information. But if you choose the “conventional” one, we have some materials you can choose to make your binders and later to choose your 2 inch binder spine template.

Leather Binder

The leather material will make you look sophisticated and professional. It’s the best option if you want to display your binders on a desk or shelves. To choose a cheaper material, leather-look vinyl will be a good option.

  1. Paper Stock

This material needs to be laminated to make it durable. Yet, the advantages are that paper is easy-printed, that you can print any kind of images or colors without losing its quality.

  1. Poly Material

Poly material is the best choice to create a strong, flexible, and resistant to water and dirt binders. It is also good for industrial use and outdoors.

To match your binders with the binder spine, you can use the same materials or others that stick together. Now, create your own 2 inch binder spine template.


Download Template

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