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2 Inch Button Template: Design Tips

People can now easily design and print their own buttons. There are lots of design makers that already give you the templates for your button. For instance, if you look for 2 inch button template, what you need to do is just prepare the design or image you want and put it into the template.

Programs You Need

Today, there are hundreds of programs you can try to design your button, to design anything. Start your step by deciding the design you desired. You may use multiple tools to create a design, to draw, to add texts, even to give you an image filter.

Some tools provide you with 2 inch button template you can try, that what you have to do is just change the image. For sizing and printing, try to look for tools that can handle graphics well or programs that will print the design the same.

Design Tips

There are basic rules that all graphic designers should follow when designing. When you make the 2 inch button template, consider these things

1. Fonts are Legible

When we design, we try to utter messages through images or texts. When design buttons, make sure the fonts you use are legible. Consider your color and style, and the background color you choose.

2. Limit the Fonts

We may use more than two different fonts to design. But, when you design a 2 inch buttons, remember that your space of works is limited. Too many fonts will make the buttons to full. Then, limit the fonts you use.

3. Watch the Size

When it comes to the printing process, the design we see on the computer may differ from the printing result. Before you print, make sure that the image seen on the computer is already resized into the printing material you have.

Resizing may compress the picture, and make it not high resolution. Thus, choose the right tools.

One important tip to follow is that you need to give extra room around the design so that it does not get cut off when you make buttons. There are some online tutorials or online classes you can follow to design things. Yet, if you do not have any computer skills regarding design, try to make one from stickers, scrapbooks, magazines, or gel pens. Buttons can be hand-drawn or mix media collages.

Or you can cut some plain circles, and let your kids draw it. It can be a great 2 inch button template to try.

Download Template

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