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2 Inch Circle Template: Making Your Circle Template

Circle templates will help you to make a perfect circle easily. You don’t need to have a compass or scaled ruler to get a precisely measured circle. Regular circle stencils offer you the various size of circles, including a 2 inch circle template.

People used to use compasses, which are drawing instruments that help you to draw arcs or circles. A compass can be used for drafting, mathematics, navigation, and drawing. But, you will also have some advantages of using a circle template or stencils.

The Advantages of Using Circle Template

At least two advantages you get from having a circle stencil. It saves your time, besides it is very accurate, and it standardizes features. Choose the desired size of the circle, align the stencil to your drawing layout, hold the stencil firmly, and draw by following the line of the stencils.

Making Circle Template

Stencils can be used for many kinds of projects, for instance for decorating cakes, designing on a wall, and drawing pictures. You can make your own 2 inch circle template by following these steps. You need to prepare a clear plastic projector sheet, knife, marker, circular item, fine-grit sandpaper, and also cutting mat.

Step One

Find a circular item you desired. For a small circle, you can use coins, and for the larger one, you can use bowls or cups.

Step Two

Lay the object on top of the plastic projector sheet.

Step Three

Make lines following the outer line of the circular objects using a dry-erase marker.

Step Four

After finishing drawing the line, lay the plastic on the cutting mat and carefully cut the circle you drew using a craft knife. You can redo the steps if you are not satisfied with the result of the circle.

Step Five

Remove the circle that you draw by lifting the plastic sheet. To smooth the edge of the circle, use the fine-grit sandpaper.

By following these steps you will have many sizes of circles, such as a 2 inch circle template. And to make it tacky, you may use a repositionable spray adhesive, since the basic material is plastic. Or if you do not have any plastics, you can also use thin cardboard as the substitution.

The Internet also provides us with so many tools that help us to print out the ready to use stencils. It is free to download and free to use. You can get the 2 inch circle template from the free stencil maker.

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