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Creating 2 Inch Round Label Template by Considering the Important Elements

Do you know how to make 2 inches round label template? Well, in the scope of business and marketing itself, stickers as a promotional medium are widely used as a medium to introduce a brand or name of an organization or company in certain locations so that it will be easy to remember.


The designs and designs of the stickers themselves vary, from those in the form of a logo for a brand, organization, or a business, to the name of an event, strength, or tagline and short messages.

Not only for marketing purposes, but stickers are also commonly used to post warning messages such as “no entry”, “no smoking”, “be careful”, and so on. Ok, let’s talk more about the round label!

The size of the sticker is circular

For the size of a circular sticker, actually, there is no specific benchmark because it will adjust to the medium or object where the sticker will be affixed.

However, if you look at the sizes that are commonly used, some of them are as follows:

1.5 cm in diameter

Diameter 2 – 2.5 cm

Diameter 5 – 5.5 cm

Diameter 6 – 6.5 cm

Diameter 7 cm

Of course, you can also use sizes that are bigger than the sizes above, and it comes back to what medium you will paste the sticker on or at least what you want the target recipient of the sticker to attach to.

Important elements in making 2 “round label for promotion

Color Selection

Using the right color combination can differentiate you from the competition. Are you wearing blue? or red? The sticker that you use, of course, must explain to consumers which brands provide the products they want. Also, by choosing a contrasting color, such as white text on a dark blue background or black text on a white background, your text becomes easier for consumers to read and understand.


For example, you can see a 2-inch round label templateĀ on some products. Generally, the background is plain white which makes the black text really stand out. As a result, it will be easier for your customers to identify the product and buy it.

Company Logo

Another important aspect to consider in designing your custom sticker design is the use of a logo. If your business has a logo, of course, placing the logo on a sticker or product packaging is an effective way to introduce your business to consumers.

Logos can be used when you are focused on selling a product or you are dealing with multiple SKUs, which is also a key aspect to consider in your design. Using a logo not only provides a simple way to increase the brand impression but can also add a descriptive element about the specific product behind the sticker.

So, give attention more to those things above before printing your 2-inch round label template!

2 inch round label Ideas

2 inch round label Example



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